A Shop In Scotland Is Selling Haggis-Flavoured Ice Cream To Celebrate Burns Night

Janetta's Gelataria

Experimental ice cream has become all the rage in recent years following the release of innovative new products, and mouth-watering collaborations between some of our favourite brands. The latest daring hybrid to hit the shelves can be found in a family-run gelateria in Scotland, where Haggis ice cream has been created in honour of burns night.

As the Scotsman reports, Jannettas ice cream shop is based in St Andrews, and will be offering customers a scoop of their most recent invention throughout the annual Scottish celebration. Although haggis is indeed a meat-based food, the ice cream itself is entirely meat-free. However, customers can still look forward to all the spice and flavour they've come to expect from Scotland's national dish. The recipe was developed by owner Owen Hazel, who utilised his ice cream expertise to create the celebratory treat, and the unconventional dessert aims to mirror the flavours of haggis by including ingredients such as black pepper and thyme, which help form an oaty and fragrant taste, complete with fiery undertones.

As reported by the Scotsman, the owners of Jannettas Gelateria, Nicola and Owen Hazel, release a variety of limited-edition flavours throughout the year, and find themselves at the forefront of their unique creations. In the past, the pair have teamed up with local producers in order to discover more adventurous ingredients — which include various other traditional Scottish favourites, such as Whisky, Tablet, Cranachan and Irn Bru.

So, if you'd like to give this latest concoction a try, the haggis ice cream is now available in-store until Saturday, January 25, and I, for one, couldn't think of a more delicious way to celebrate Burns Night 2020.