Here's How The Energy From The Royal Wedding Will Affect Your Sign On May 19

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You're probably way stoked for the royal wedding — if only it wasn't so early, OMG. If you're somehow awake when Meghan and Harry kiss happily ever after at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle starting at 7 a.m. EST, 4 a.m. PST., you may be wondering what's in store for yourself on that specific day — specifically, what your royal wedding horoscope will be on May 19. Are you going to have a cosmically blessed day because one lovely couple will be celebrated? Or will the vibes carry you somewhere unexpected? Never fear — there's a way to track your daily horoscope on the day of the royal wedding.

One key thing to remember is that only a couple hours after the wedding takes place, Venus will transition into Cancer at 9:10 a.m. EST, according to Cafe Astrology. This shift is significant, fam. The planet of love and beauty going into the water sign will be amplifying the energy. You can imagine the feels going around because of this. It adds an oh-so-emotional tinge to the wedding day for many people.

Based on the planetary placements, the sun will be in Taurus, the last of the days as we enter Gemini season 2018 on May 20. The firm practicality of the earth sign will still be in place, but not for long!

Mercury will still be in Taurus, like it was earlier this month. Mars will freshly be in the sign of Aquarius from a few days prior on May 16, adding a peaceful detached way of handling conflicts for everyone with fighting power.

With all this activity going on, different areas of your life ruled by the astrological houses will be shaken up just in time for our two favorite royals to tie the knot!

Read on to see how these energies affect your sign on May 19:


You may be feeling particularly financially passionate, as the sun and Mercury will be aspecting your second house of material possessions on this day. This could manifest as you being slightly more frugal on the Meghan and Harry festivities, or impulsively going all out and wanting to be super extra. Meanwhile, the upcoming Venus in Cancer energy could have you at the mercy of your fourth house of home and comfort, missing your family as you see the royal one come together. If you're single, you could also find yourself waxing poetic about that day you yourself will also be married. It's okay! Let yourself feel it all!


This is still your season, Taurus, so get ready to feel yourself! Your first house of identity will have the blessings of the sun and Mercury, so you'll feel extra expressive and accepted by all. Mars in Aquarius means you'll feel some energy in your fourth of career, so watch yourself really crave comfort and familiarity and maybe even be nostalgic for your own family while watching the royal one.

Venus, on the other hand, will be freshly moving into your communication house on this day. So you'll feel a bit more inclined to love those who you can just have the best intellectual conversations with. Embrace it all, and have a great time applying your optimistic fortune to cheering on Meghan and Harry.


Never fear — your birthday season is almost here on the 20. Until then though, you must continue feeling a bit in the dark, based on how the sun and Mercury are both aspecting your subconscious of the 12th house.

On this special royal wedding day though, Venus shifts out of your sign and into Cancer, stimulating your relationship with finances. You might feel more appreciation and desperation for what bank account numbers you do have. Try to keep a level head on your shoulders even while you do feel more love for those figures — they don't determine your life. So go a little more extravagant if you want during your wedding toast to Harry and Meghan.


Venus moving into your sign means you will feel blessed as heck today in the love department. Yay! That first house of identity means you will feel very much unstoppable. You're going to feel relief and confidence when it comes to your relationships, because you'll feel more like your regular self is being accepted — which will put you at ease in celebrating the royal wedding as excitedly as your extra self wants, helping get everyone around you in the party mood.

Meanwhile, the sun and Mercury in Taurus means you're going to see a few more bursts in the friendship/eleventh house aspects of your life before it switches over to your twelfth house of the subconscious during Gemini season very soon, so take advantage of your current ease in conveying yourself and speak up on the issues that concern you today! Meghan would!


This might be a bit of a rough day for you, Leo. Venus's movement into Cancer activates your subconscious in the twelfth house, meaning you might unearth some truths and realizations about yourself while watching the royal wedding. Don't let them affect your outlook on your current or future relationships; let this moment be all about you. Now is the time to let yourself critically assess your emotions. It will also aid in you living your best life more than you realize — the way Meghan, a fellow Leo, is living hers!


For you, a new Venus in Cancer placement means your eleventh house of friendships will see some nurturing improvements. You can be detached at times, but you may find yourself craving the ability to build a community on this day, like the one that's turning out for this beautiful wedding. Satiate that desire by surrounding yourself with some buds also down for a watch party.

Mars in Aquarius aspecting your eighth house of death and rebirth means you might feel more feisty when it comes to change. You might find yourself a little bit more of a worrywart than usual. Don't get too down on yourself though — use that fighting power to give yourself optimism that you, too, can find happiness just like the royal family is! Don't turn that fighting power on yourself today, Virgo — be empowered and be you!


The sun is going from Taurus to Gemini a day after the royal wedding, meaning you'll feel energy shifting from your eighth house of rebirth to your ninth house of philosophy slowly throughout the day. These days, you've probably been feeling extra like shaving off the feelings that don't serve you, or the costs of being the go with the flow one. You're going through a spiritual awakening, and Meghan may be one of your role models! She's a Libra moon, so if you feel a kinsmanship with her, it's because she bears a similar sort of diplomatic energy as you. Embrace it and smile, just like a true royal would.


Ooh, you intense soul. Venus in Cancer will make you a philosophical sign today as it passes through your ninth house. You may be musing about how, like Meghan, to use your powers for good. Plus, Mars in Aquarius is making movement shift in your tenth house of career, so you'll perhaps be inspired by Meghan's heart for philanthropy as a way to make a difference and satisfy your existential longings. Don't be surprised if you're a little in your head today — just don't miss out on the festivities too!


The sun has you feeling some way, as you're on the verge of feeling energy go from your sixth house of health to your seventh house of partnerships. You're an exploratory one, so on this day you may find yourself caught between contemplating wanting to self-care and contemplating the scariness/joys of having a partner.

Whether you're in a relationship or not, you may be musing about it in general, which is natural as you watch Prince Harry the fabulous Virgo sun (a sign ruled by the sixth house) getting his happily ever after, even as an independent soul. But trust yourself, Virgo — you know whether or not being in a relationship is right for you. And if it is, you'll want to be as confident about it as Harry clearly is about his.


How has Venus in Cancer been treating you? You may feel a lot of visceral annoyance at the fact that you're feeling more sappy than usual as you hear everyone talking about true love with the wedding. That's because Venus is aspecting your seventh house and you've always been the person who doesn't need a relationship, but right now? You may be craving for the love bug to bite you — or just craving close relationships with friends and family in general.

If you're in a relationship, you may find yourself overcome with longing and emotion for your partner, more than usual — same goes for your friends and fam. Just give into the feeling, Cappy... don't be too stubborn. Let love in, like Meghan and Harry did.


As Mars is in Aquarius in your first house of identity, you may be a little feistier and feeling yourself than usual! It's making you more driven and passionate in general, so you may find yourself taking more initiative than usual to organize a ~royal viewing party~ and feel more like a revitalized busybody. Which bodes well, as you're a sign naturally ruled by community and friendship.

On the other hand, Venus in Cancer and the sun in Taurus are aspecting your sixth and fourth houses, respectively, making you more inclined to furnish your home and take care of your personal sensory needs more than you usually might. If you're caught fussing a little bit more than usual today over the details, don't sweat it. It's a special day for one special couple across the pond, and you're just determined to make it so for all your friends too. Aww.


The typical dreamer — today, you'll be feeling Venus in Cancer aspect your fifth house of pleasure. You'll feel so much like enjoying the pure vibes of this day. The whole world is celebrating a union of love and marriage, and for a romantic like you, that's the best time to be alive. You'll be relishing in all the genuine good will going around, and you may never tell anyone, but you love weddings. Take the time to feel yourself, Pisces. The sun in Taurus also hits your third house of communication, so let yourself communicate how great you're feeling to those around you too. They'd appreciate knowing it.