These 5 Signs Can Blame Mercury Retrograde For An Unsuccessful Cuffing Season

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Certain zodiac signs will have a hard time romantically during Mercury's retrograde.

If the sudden increase in holiday movie programming has you feeling glum about your romantic prospects, or lack thereof, you're not alone. Actually, if you're one of the zodiac signs least likely to benefit Mercury's retrograde which falls very unfortunately at the start of cuffing season, you've got something specific to blame. These zodiac signs don't have bad luck, they're actually being actively romantically challenged by a powerful astrological event. Certainly you've heard about Mercury's retrograde creating communication issues, technological malfunctions, and a plethora of disarray in all practical areas of life, but a lesser known victim of this retrograde is your love life. That is, if you're one of the following signs.

Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about the signs that are hit hard in the romantic sector of their lives during this retrograde. Meaning, it's literally nothing these signs are doing wrong, it's merely the universe working against them. The good news is that it's only temporary and after November 20, Mercury will move out of retrograde and these signs will be able to resume cuffing season goals as usual. What's more, because these signs had to wait a bit longer than other signs to follow their romantic desires, they're more likely to make lasting connections.

1. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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This Mercury retrograde is falling in your employment, health, and work sector, according to Thomas, so this isn’t really the opportune time to focus on love. "Romance will blossom certainly in the coming weeks though and on into early 2020 because the planets then will be focusing your attention on union with another person," Thomas ensures, so in the meantime, focus on your grind — you're not missing out an anything, you're actually thriving on your own.

2. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

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"Communications are the hot focus this Mercury Retrograde for you, and that can fall in writing or speaking projects, or perhaps in marketing yourself or something you’re focused upon," Thomas tells Bustle. "While you certainly have a lot of cuffing feels because of the eclipse cycle you’re in (powerful eclipses in your love sector began early 2019 and will continue into 2020 ) your time for love actually begins at the very start of December." It's not too long to wait, and this time has been better spent rebranding yourself at work. You'll be your best self when you meet the right person and that's what counts.

3. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

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According to Thomas, this Mercury retrograde has you feeling possessive, so while you’re thinking about cuffing, you shouldn't be. "This is a time when you should practice trust and communication rather than sinking your claws in too fast," Thomas suggests. Take your time this last week of retrograde to focus on yourself, you'll meet the right cuffing partner when you're ready to.

4. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

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"This Mercury Retrograde is causing a thunderstorm in your home and family sector, so it appears there’s some issues to sort out there," Thomas tells Bustle. Put your time and energy toward working that out, because the love stuff is coming soon. "The planets will be throwing a celebration in your romantic sector at the end of November and into December, with a fiery time expected for Leo in the early part of 2020," Thomas explains, so take care of everything else so that you have the focus and patience for love when it arrives.

5. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

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According to Thomas, Mercury retrograde this month has you more focused on things you need to handle in your personal life. Are there things you've been neglecting that desperately need your energy? Your health? Your work? Your friendships? These are all better uses of your energy right now.

Because these signs will be sitting out the first few weeks of cuffing season chaos, they will be entering the dating game with a clear head and a patient heart. Though you might feel left out, trust that all of this self work is character building, and there will be many more frigid months to share with someone special by the fire.

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