5 '90s DIY Trends You'll See Everywhere

From tie dye to baby tees.

From tie-dye tops to cutoff denim shorts, read on for every ‘90s DIY fashion trend you’re going to w...
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Nineties fashion was all about campy trends: Think grunge, tie-dye, ripped jeans, and more. Now, many of those looks are back in style, and the best part? You can DIY a ton of them, meaning it’s never been easier to get the exact outfit you want. What’s more, the pride you’ll feel knowing that you created the look yourself is unmatched.

For most of the below DIY ’90s trends, all you need is a pair of scissors. Beyond that, a trip to your local crafts store is in order for paint, or maybe a scroll through Etsy for some cool iron-on patches. With that and a little imagination and creativity, you’ll be able to quickly master every single ’90s style you remember from your youth.

Take your sweats to the next level with some tie-dye fun reminiscent of your favorite ’90s sitcom star. More into grunge? Rip up your favorite denim with abandon for the perfect lived-in, distressed look. Can’t find the vintage graphic tee you’ve always wanted on eBay? Take a plain cotton version and iron on patches that look just like the real thing.

The time is now: ’90s trends are back with fervor and not looking to fade into the past anytime soon. From tie-dye tops and cutoff denim shorts to baby tees and ripped jeans, read on for every single DIY trend you’ll going to want to try stat.


Tie Dye

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Sure, you can shop for a tie-dye tee, but wouldn’t you rather tie-dye one that you know fits you perfectly? You might even want to tie dye more than a T-shirt. Dresses, button-downs, even shoes: the sky is the limit.


Graphic T-Shirts

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This might very well be the easiest DIY of the bunch because it’s as simple as ironing. Want to participate in that ’90s graphic tee trend that the world still loves? Shop your favorite iron-on graphics and simply run an iron over a plain cotton tee. The fact that your shirt is custom and one-of-a-kind will make it infinitely cooler.


Ripped Jeans

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Designers charge a pretty penny for pre-distressed jeans, but it’s super simple to fashion a pair of your brand-new denim trousers into the same look that harkens back to the early 1990s. All you need is a bit of sandpaper and a pair of scissors and you’re in business.


Denim Shorts

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Speaking of a pair of scissors, it’s time to learn how to fashion your own denim cutoffs, armed with only a pair of shears and a pair of vintage denim. Head to your local thrift shop and pick up a few pairs of lived-in Levi’s and get to work.


Baby Tees

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Tops in the ‘90s showed off a bit of midriff, without going over the top. Crop tops were not quite the rage, though baby tees that sat an inch or so above the waistline definitely were. Grab a shrunken tee that you’re never going to wear again and cut it off right at your naval. Voila! You’ve got yourself a baby tee.