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Aidan’s Reunion Outfit Was The Weirdest Fashion Choice Of AJLT

Season 4 Carrie would have told her friends all about it the next morning at brunch.

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett as Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw on "And Just Like That."
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Spoilers ahead for And Just Like That... Episode 7.

#TeamAidan shippers, your time has arrived. So get your laughing, crying, and gloating out of the way, because we need to talk about his outfit.

Save for an illicit kiss in Abu Dhabi, exes Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw haven’t seen each other in nearly two decades. It’s partly why the Internet had a meltdown when John Corbett was announced as a guest star on the HBO reboot — and after photos of them kissing on set surfaced.

In Episode 7 of And Just Like That..., the highly-anticipated reunion finally came to fruition — and it was the stuff of romance novels. Girl emails boy. Boy asks her out. Girl goes to the wrong restaurant next door and thinks she’s been stood up. They figure it out, go on a date, and, by the end of the episode, end up lip-locked on a New York street corner.

It’s been a while since they saw each other last, so I expected Aidan to wear his best ‘fit — turquoise jewelry glimmering against an embroidered linen button-up, perhaps. But that is not what happened. Instead, Aidan showed up in a look that very well could’ve been rejected from the set of Oppenheimer.

He wore a charcoal Belstaff belted blazer that gave major military vibes. There were two buckles fastened at his waist and on his mock neck, with studded cargo pockets across the chest. He completed his (confusing)(questionable) all-black ensemble with trousers and boots. AJLT Carrie didn’t comment. But if Season 4 Carrie saw this outfit, her friends would have heard all about it the next morning at brunch.

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This strangely stiff ensemble was nothing like the granola Aidan we know and love. A man who lovingly carved one-of-a-kind furniture out of wood he salvaged himself, with chunky silver rings on each finger, no less. He stripped Carrie’s floors by hand and built Charlotte a custom chair as a wedding present.

Aidan wore denim on denim and unbuttoned his loose-fit shirts low enough to reveal layered necklaces and chest hair. He was cabin-in-the-woods rustic, with his own type of swag, and his woodworker-chic ensembles reflected that.

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Screenshot via HBO
Screenshot via HBO
Screenshot via HBO
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RIP, earthy Aidan. We’ll miss you.