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Ariana Grande Is Back In Her Wispy Bangs Era

Not to be confused with her Bang Bang era, of course.

ICYMI: Ariana Grande has had her hair a sweet shade of buttery blonde (with bleached eyebrows, too) since October 2022. And considering the artist, actor, and r.e.m. beauty founder abandoned her natural brunette hue for her dream role as Glinda in two live action retellings of the novel-turned-Broadway’s finest Wicked, which is still in production as we speak, it’s safe to say Ari fans won’t be seeing a hair color change for quite some time.

Just this weekend, however, Grande took to her Instagram stories to reveal some adorable, eyelash-skimming wispy bangs, adding a refreshing twist to her “Glinda the Good Witch” blonde ’do.

Styled by her go-to hair guru while filming in England, London-based Carl Bembridge is to thank for her snatched signature ponytail and dreamy bangs. He takes to his IG to note that Grande’s baby bangs are “so soft and pretty” — and the fresh look is serving some major inspiration for the spring and summer months.

Although the new haircut feels fresh, stans of the pop star likely know that Grande has had countless bangs throughout her career. Throughout 2016 and 2017 (which is around the time her album Dangerous Woman), she experimented with some blunt bangs, as well as some more textured fringe. In the past few years since then, she’s been more into the long curtain bang look, especially throughout her Positions album chapter.

As for her minimal glam, Grande revealed that she is wearing all r.e.m. everything, most likely opting for the brand’s Eternally Meowing Lashes (which have been a fave of hers since launch), and perhaps the highly-anticipated new foundation formula, which she candidly confirmed will be dropping soon.