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Bella Hadid Just Revived This “Ugly” 2000s Sweater Trend

Please, Bella. I just want to talk.

by Jamie Feldman
Bella Hadid in Burberry print and sunglasses.
Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images

I love you, Bella Hadid, but you’re bringing me down.

Or, rather, should I say, back — back to the early aughts, back to days spent crammed inside a hot dressing room with my mother trying to make the case for a nonsensical sweater that I just had to have.

This fever dream (er, nightmare) was triggered by the supermodel and expert wearer-of-polarizing-pieces when she was spotted in New York City on Tuesday, wearing a sweater plucked directly out of a Delia*s catalog.

It’s off-the-shoulder! It’s ribbed! It’s pale, Baby-Spice pink! It has an asymmetrical, bandana hem... for some reason? If that weren’t enough, Hadid paired it with micro sunglasses, painted jeans, and pointed-toe, Western boots. To quote writer Emily Kirkpatrick, “I truly have not seen one of these sweaters since 2004.”

Look, I’ve come to terms with the early aughts’ overt and overwhelming resurgence. Corsets? Great! Micro miniskirts? Also fine! I’ve even come around to the concept of low-rise jeans (thanks, in large part, to Rihanna and her iconic maternity style)! But I have to draw the line somewhere — and it’s here, at Bella’s triangle hemline.

Hadid fully pulled off this look, but, please, for the love of 2000s middle schoolers everywhere, don’t make this a thing.

Ulices Ramales / BACKGRID

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