The 9 Best Beanies For Running

Warmth that won’t make you overheat.

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Running when it’s chilly can be invigorating, refreshing, and well, cold. But with the right running hat, you might be able to get in a few extra miles. This is where a close-fitting beanie comes in, and the best beanies for running will keep you warm while being breathable and moisture-wicking. Also consider features like reflectivity for running when it’s dark, a hole for a ponytail, or an optional face mask and neck warmer.

What To Consider When Shopping For Beanies For Running


You want your running beanie to keep you warm but also dry when you start to sweat, so choosing a breathable, moisture-wicking material is essential. Options include natural fabric like merino wool, which is temperature-regulating and odor-resistant but might come with a high price tag. Synthetic blends like polyester, spandex, and nylon are stretchy and quick-drying, but may retain odors over time. Some beanies might be made of warm and insulating acrylic, just note that it’s not as breathable as other materials. For a more breathable option that provides extra warmth, you can go with a fleece beanie — but it may be prone to pilling.


A beanie that’s too big will fall off your head, and one that’s too small won’t feel comfortable, so you’ll want a hat that fits just right. Some winter running hats have more of a snug design, while others have a cuffed band that can give you more coverage over your ears. They might also have a slot for a ponytail. Note that most hats are one size, so look over the brand’s measurement information to get a sense of the most comfortable fit.

Whether you’re going for a winter personal record or just a jog around the block, here are some of the best beanies for running.


A Budget-Friendly Polyester & Spandex Beanie


  • Slotted design for a high or low ponytail
  • Made of polyester and spandex for lightweight warmth
  • Brushed fleece lining for comfort and heat retention
  • Four-way stretch
  • Under $10


  • Some reviewers report that it doesn’t cover their ears completely

With a brushed fleece lining, plus polyester and spandex, this running beanie is warm, comfortable, and lightweight. While you’re hitting the pavement, it can also wick away moisture and stays breathable so you don’t overheat. It has a large slot in the back that can accommodate high or low ponytails and four-way stretch for the right fit. You can even wear it in really cold conditions (10 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit) but note that some reviewers reported that it didn’t cover their ears completely. This beanie can be thrown in the washing machine, then hung dry so it can hold its shape. Best of all, it’s under $10.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a big, round head and a ton of slick hair. I like running hats with ponytail holes, but since they are intended for women and manufacturers think women have tiny heads, they are always too small. This is the only running beanie with a ponytail hole that I've found that actually stays put without sliding off the top of my head. It's pretty thin, but warm enough for the Pacific Northwest.”

Sizes: One size | Color: 1 | Material: 89% polyester, 11% spandex | Recommended Temp Range: 10 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit | Care: Machine wash, hang dry


A Lightweight Merino Wool Beanie


  • Reflective detail in the back of the beanie
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Lightweight
  • Odor-resistant


  • May not keep you warm in colder temperatures, according to reviewers

Running in a merino wool hat, like this Icebreaker beanie, means your head will stay warm without overheating. The merino wool will regulate your temperature while resisting odor and wicking away sweat, plus the Lycra will offer some stretch. It’s also lightweight and easy to store in a pocket if you decide to take it off mid-run. There’s even a reflective detail on the back of the beanie to help you stay visible in the dark. The temperature range of this beanie isn’t specified, but reviewers report that it may not be ideal for really cold temperatures. You can also get it in yellow and heather gray, and it’s recommended to machine wash and hang dry.

One reviewer wrote: “I own lots of beanies and headbands (ear bands) for cold weather running, outdoor chores, hiking, etc. This is the item I've been missing - some warmth without my head overheating! Super small and goes in your jeans pocket if you like. Looks good, feels good.”

Sizes: One size | Colors: 3 | Material: 96% merino wool, 4% Lycra | Recommended Temp Range: Not specified | Care: Machine wash, hang dry (according to the brand website)


A Really Popular Polyester & Spandex Beanie


  • Over 9,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating
  • Reflective icon in the front
  • Features four-way stretch
  • Moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable polyester spandex blend
  • Under $15


  • May not fit larger heads, according to reviewers

This polyester and spandex beanie is a popular choice when it comes to winter running hats. It’s moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable, plus it has four-way stretch and recovery so it holds its shape after every run. The beanie is lined with brushed thermal polyester-spandex for warmth, fits over your ears, and can protect your head in temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also a reflective icon in the front to make you more visible when you’re running in the dark. It’s available in nine colors and styles, includes a low price tag, and comes with over 9,000 reviews and a solid 4.5-star rating, so it’s a great option for cold weather runs.

One reviewer wrote: “I run in Massachusetts and needed something lighter than my polartec sports hat. This little beanie fits the bill perfectly. It fits snug but without pressure and protects my head in temps I would say up to low 10s (F) (remember that I'm working out hard as I wear it). [...] It's moisture wicking but doesn't protect from the wind much, so, judge weather conditions and do some experimenting.”

Sizes: One size | Colors: 9 | Material: 89% polyester, 11% spandex | Recommended Temp Range: As low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit | Care: Machine wash, hang dry


A 2-Pack Of Polyester & Lycra Beanies


  • Over 5,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating
  • OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety
  • Made of stretchy, breathable polyester and Lycra
  • Lined with fleece fabric for warmth
  • Moisture-wicking


  • May not be a good fit if you have a lot of hair, according to reviewers

For cold weather runs, it’s always nice to have a backup hat on hand, like this two-pack of polyester and Lycra beanies. They’re lightweight, stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking and the fleece lining will keep you warm. The beanies are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they’re manufactured without harmful chemicals, and the brand promises that they’re durable through several washes. Exact care instructions aren’t specified, but reviewers recommend machine washing and hang drying. And if you’d like even more beanies on hand, six-packs are also available in a variety of colors.

One reviewer wrote: “It is lightweight and keeps my ears and head warm in cold temps whether I'm playing soccer, on a run or need an extra layer under my bike helmet.”

Sizes: One size | Colors: 9 | Material: 89% polyester 11% Lycra | Recommended Temp Range: Not specified | Care: Machine wash, hang dry, according to reviewers


A Cuffed Merino Wool Beanie That’s Available In 20 Colors


  • Over 6,000 reviews and an overall 4.6-star rating
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Lightweight
  • Odor-resistant
  • UPF 50+ rating for sun protection
  • Available in 20 colors


  • May not be warm enough for high winds, according to some reviewers

From high visibility yellow to rich burgundy, this Minus33 beanie comes in a wide variety of colors. Each one is made of merino wool, so it’s comfortable, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and breathable for cold weather runs. There’s even a UPF 50+ rating, which means it can protect your head when you’re out in the sun. The beanie is made with double fabric for warmth, and one reviewer reported, “Perfect for cold weather. Used in the Antarctic.” However, other reviewers added that it may not be ideal for high winds.

One reviewer wrote: “I used this Merino beanie during my winter running. Very comfortable and very warm. I use it only for when the temperature is below 25. For temperatures above 25 I use a much thinner Merino beanie from a different brand as this one would be too warm. I mostly do road running in the winter so I like the bright orange color for safety.”

Sizes: One size | Colors: 20 | Material: 100% merino wool | Recommended Temp Range: Not specified | Care: Machine wash, tumble dry low


A Cozy Pom-Pom Beanie For Short Runs


  • Warm acrylic rib-knit design
  • Cozy cuffed band
  • Cute pom-pom style
  • Available in five colors


  • Pom-pom can bounce around when running
  • Fabric isn’t the most breathable
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a cute running hat that’s sure to keep you warm, this Carhartt pom-pom beanie fits the bill. Although there’s no specified temperature range, it is made of acrylic with a rib-knit design, which makes it really cozy. Just note that this also makes it not as breathable as some other fabrics, so it might be best worn on short, cold runs. In terms of fit, one reviewer reported, “material is rather stretchy to accommodate head sizes but not too stretchy that it’s loose.” There’s also a cuffed band, so you can pull it over your ears when temperatures drop.

One reviewer wrote: “This hat is wonderful! It fits perfectly. It's the warmest hat I've ever owned. I live in a cold weather climate and this hat keeps me so warm. Sometimes I have to take it off when I'm in the car because it's too warm but outside, it's great!”

Sizes: One size | Colors: 5 | Material: 100% acrylic | Recommended Temp Range: Not specified | Care: Hand wash, hang dry


A Polyester Fleece Beanie With 360 Degrees Of Reflectivity


  • Slotted design for a ponytail
  • Reflective band around the entire beanie
  • Made of polyester fleece that keeps you warm and dry
  • Double layer ear band for extra warmth


  • Ponytail slot is a little low
  • Expensive

When it starts to get cold, that might mean fewer hours of daylight, which is why a running beanie with some reflection is a great option. This TrailHeads beanie not only gives you a 360-degree band of reflectivity around your head so you’re seen from all angles, but it also features a slot for your ponytail. It’s made of polyester fleece to keep you warm and dry and has a double layer of fabric around the ear band for even more warmth. The beanie does have a little bit of stretch, and one reviewer raved, “Hat fits snugly, so it won’t blow off when it’s windy, which was the whole purpose – it keeps my hair corralled and it’s warm, perfect!”

One reviewer wrote: “I wanted a warm hat that tamed my hair and provided visibility when running in the early morning. This does the trick. It is soft and looks smart.”

Sizes: One size | Colors: 1 | Material: 100% polyester fleece, according to the brand | Recommended Temp Range: Not specified | Care: Machine wash, hang dry, according to a reviewer


A Reversible Cuffed Merino Wool Beanie


  • Temperature-regulating
  • Lightweight
  • Odor-resistant
  • Available in seven colors


  • Expensive

While this cuffed merino wool beanie doesn’t have a lot of Amazon reviews yet, it does have a perfect five-star rating and some really great features. It’s made from sustainably sourced merino wool, according to the brand, that not only regulates your temperature but also wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable. The beanie has a double-layer construction for extra insulation and is even reversible, so you can wear it in two different ways. It has a cuffed design in the band that can be pulled over your ears when it gets really cold, and since it’s merino wool, it won’t absorb odor once you start moving. And cleaning is easy, just throw it in the washing machine and tumble dry low.

One reviewer wrote: “This hat is perfect. It is light weight, thin but warm. Fits well under a hood or helmet. I like it on mildly cool as well as very cold winter days. I have had several over the years- from misplacing them. I keep coming back to this and buying again.”

Sizes: One size | Colors: 6 | Material: 100% merino wool | Recommended Temp Range: Not specified | Care: Machine wash, tumble dry low (according to the brand website)


A Beanie With A Face Mask & Neck Warmer


  • Over 3,000 reviews and an overall 4.4-star rating
  • Beanie made of thermal fleece for warmth
  • Face mask and neck warmer made of polyester and spandex for breathability and moisture-wicking
  • Four-way stretch
  • Under $15


  • Face mask may not fit snugly on some, according to reviewers

When it gets really cold, you might need a hat with some extra coverage, like this Tough Headwear beanie. The fleece beanie keeps you warm, while the built-in polyester and spandex mask and neck warmer protect your face and neck. Everything is breathable and moisture-wicking, so even though you’re covered, you won’t get overheated. One reviewer reported that they wore the beanie during a race where the temperature was 29 degrees Fahrenheit and added, “I couldn't have asked for a better way to stay bundled and warm throughout my run.” And if you don’t want to use the warmer and mask, they can easily tuck inside the beanie. The hat has four-way stretch, and the sides fit over your ears. Plus, the price tag is less than $15.

One reviewer wrote: “I hate running in the cold because it makes my face dry and ears cold. This helps me keep warm and covers my face so that I can keep running without any fear. I am glad I could find this product at such a great price too. Would definitely recommend.”

Sizes: One size | Color: 1 | Material: Fleece beanie; 89% polyester, 11% spandex mask and neck warmer | Recommended Temp Range: At least as low as 29 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a reviewer | Care: Machine wash (drying instructions not specified)