16 Coconut Perfumes For Summer 2023 That Smell Like A Tropical Beach

It’s your inner coconut girl’s time to shine.

Here are the best coconut perfumes to try in 2023, from fragrance brands like Kayali, Juliette Has A...
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When it comes to sweet summertime, the warmer months typically signal that it’s finally time for everyone’s inner “coconut girl” to come out (which, ICYMI, is a TikTok-viral aesthetic that features a whole lot of crochet and nostalgic shell jewelry).

And similarly when it comes to fragrance, heavier perfumes that are most associated with the chilly winter months are quickly dropped in lieu of much lighter scents that will have you feeling vacation-ready. While summery scents typically include familiar fruity notes like exotic bergamot, decadent berries, fresh lemon, and beyond — more often than not, the most beloved perfumes tend to feature the smell of coconut, coconut milk, or even a uniquely luxe coconut flower accord.

The smell of coconuts, of course, is deeply nostalgic (nothing takes me back to childhood memories like the smell of SPF). It’s youthful and sweet by nature, but in many ways, the creaminess is brimming with seduction. With many modern expressions of the scent hitting the market, that playfulness is met with a certain elegance.

Down for a new coconut-filled perfume that’s refreshingly breezy and reminiscent of those carefree memories made at the beach? Here are 16 must-have fragrances that you should consider spritzing this summer.


A sun-filled perfume that will literally have you lusting for summer days year-round, Lust For Sun is filled with notes of bright ylang ylang, cozy vanilla, and a yummy coconut note.


Sol de Janeiro’s cult-fave, Brazil-inspired perfume mists have TikTok in a total frenzy. The brand’s latest launch — Rio Radiance — is filled with sunny tuberose, dreamy coconut milk, and creamy vanilla.


A truly modern and unique expression of what a coconut smells like, Dirty Coconut is warm, earthy, and woody, as notes of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, and a transparent coconut water note swirl around your senses.


A unique aroma inspired by the nostalgic smells of sunscreen and pool parties, "VACATION" is filled with familiar notes like coconut, banana, and pineapple, as well as spot-on accords inspired by pool toys and swimsuit lycra.


SUN FRUIT is a radiant summer essential that is filled with notes of fresh fig, exotic bergamot, handpicked jasmine, and juicy coconut.


Inspired by those carefree nights after a day at the beach, Coco Fleur smells of exotic bergamot, creamy orange flower, and refreshing coconut milk.


A luxe perfume that smells like a summertime daydream, UTOPIA VANILLA COCO | 21 features notes of creamy coconut, regal jasmine flower, and a vanilla bourbon aroma that makes you want to just keep spritzing.


Embodying the feeling of warm rays of sunlight on bare skin, Coconut Sun smells of fresh coconut water, bright citrus, crisp sea salt, and dreamy florals.


Ashley Tisdale’s TikTok-viral brand, Being Frenshe, is known for its mood-boosting aromas. As for Solar Fleur? The scent is all things happy and carefree, with key notes of dewy orange blossom, smooth sandalwood, and dreamy coconut orchid.


A truly luxurious aroma that transports you to a private island with just a few spritzes, Soleil Blanc is sunny and radiant as notes of coconut water, ylang ylang, citrusy bergamot flower, and elegant jasmine overcome your senses.


Playful, youthful, and oh so yummy, Thank U Next features notes of pretty pink rose petals, crisp white pear, decadent raspberry, creamy coconut, and sweet macaroon sugar.


Serene and sensual, Coconut Cove marries the smell of exotic coconuts and fresh bergamot with white florals like jasmine and gardenia.


A perfume that has those glowing summer goddess vibes, Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent smells of delicate tiare flower, warm amber, yummy vanilla, and juicy coconut.


For the lovers of nostalgic Victoria’s Secret body mists that reigned in the early 2000s, Bombshell Isle is a go-to pick for summer as it smells of refreshing ocean air, island coconuts, and peonies in full-bloom.


A vivid tropical aroma, Hibiscus Palm features notes of ylang ylang, ginger, coconut milk, vanilla, and a bouquet of white flowers.


Inspired by fresh coastal air, Beach Walk is brimming with glowing lemon, bright pink peppercorn, smooth coconut milk, and comforting musk.