The 7 Best Crocs For Women

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by Andrea Gale
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I love Crocs for the same reasons I enjoy a Quentin Tarantino film: They make a strong stylistic statement that’s easily recognizable. Comfy and on-trend, the best Crocs for women are that rare shoe you can wear out in the garden or paired with a leather mini skirt for a club-worthy nighttime look — and love them or hate them, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon (see: Balenciaga’s recent collaboration with Crocs, as seen on nascent style icon North West). So, whether you’re juuuust coming around to them or adding more to your collection, here’s what to look for when shopping for the best Crocs.


You already know the basics: Designed for comfort, most Crocs are typically made of a synthetic, waterproof, bio-based material called Croslite, made of an impact-absorbing, closed-cell resin with natural anti-odor and anti-fungal properties. Although Croslite is the “secret sauce” to Crocs, the brand recently rolled out a selection of athletic styles made of LiteRide foam, which is “lighter, softer, and more flexible” than Croslite.


The classic Croc clog features a low heel with a wide toe box, molded footbeds, ventilation holes, and a back strap that pivots, so you can wear them either as a clog or a slip-on mule. While that clog is the brand’s best-seller, Crocs has branched out with other styles, too; the one that’s best for you depends largely on how and where you plan to wear them. If you’re buying Crocs for fashion, you may want a pair with an on-trend platform heel. There are fleece-lined Crocs for chilly days (that look incredible with fluffy socks, btw), or sneaker-inspired Crocs for even more freedom of movement. And there are even Croc sandals, for a sleek, athleisure take on the style.

If you’re ready to get comfy, scroll on for seven of the best Crocs for women, all available on Amazon Fashion — then grab some Crocs charms to put your own spin on the style.


The Best-Selling Crocs With More Than 345,000 Ratings

The fan-favorite pair that got the Croc trend going, more than 345,000 Amazon shoppers have weighed in on the Crocs Classic Clogs, awarding them with an impressive 4.8-star rating overall. Made of Croslite, with a heel strap for security and the brand’s signature molded footbeds, these low-heeled, lightweight, and ventilated Crocs come in 33 fun colors — so whether you’re buying for fashion or function, your pair can be perfectly you.

Rave review: “I LOVE THESE THINGS!! They're stylish and functional. These shoes are the future. It is not hard to pull them off with any outfit. Wear them to school, wear them to run errands, wear them to church! I sure do! Nothing can compare to these wonderful shoes.These shoes really show individuality. With a variety of colors and endless shoe charms, you can express who you are in a unique and fashionable way. Be a trend setter with Crocs, the shoes that should have never gone out of style!”

  • Available sizes: 4 Women/2 Men — 19 Women/17 Men
  • Available colors: 33


The Fleece-Lined Crocs

A cold weather update on the classic Croc style, these Crocs clogs feature a cozy faux fur lining guaranteed to keep you comfy. Otherwise, they have all the trappings of the classic Crocs clogs, like a secure heel strap, traction outsole, molded footbed, and a Croslite foam construction. Over 59,000 customers have given these a five-star rating, and they’ve earned a near-perfect, 4.8-star rating overall. Pair these with some chunky socks for maximum coziness.

Rave review: “I wear these every day. I used to be an avid crocs HATER [...] My friend bought these and made my try them on and my entire world changed. I don't know what I'd do without my fuzzy purple crocs. They complete me. Ive had other crocs haters try them on and it changes their world too. I still refuse to try normal crocs without the fuzzy inside but these ones are like slippers on the go. [...] I used to just wear socks and birkenstocks bc my feet get cold easily but now it's crocs all day every day. I keep a spare pair of shoes in my car so that I can wear my crocs while driving.”

  • Available sizes: 4 Women/2 Men — 17 Women/15 Men
  • Available colors: 27


The Sneaker-Inspired Crocs That Are So Lightweight

For an athletic take on the Crocs clog, try these sneaker-inspired Crocs. The slender toe box and sleek 1.54-inch heel mimic the design of your favorite sneaker, while the ventilated toe box, secure heel strap, and Croslite outsole are 100% classic Croc. If you’re into physical activity (or have a job that keeps you on your feet), the LiteRide insoles are even more lightweight than classic Crocs, so these won’t weight you down. So if you love the comfy feel of a classic Croc but crave a more streamlined silhouette, these are the Crocs for you.

Rave review: “This is my second pair. I bought the first pair during a stop over in Puerto Rico while on a cruise 2 months ago. Liked them so much that I bought another pair to use as my home slippers. This style of Croc seems to have more cushion than the classic style and they are very comfortable as a result. They are also great to wear by the pool, etc. and because of all the vent holes my feet do not sweat like they do with some other styles that I own. Highly recommended Croc’s!”

  • Available sizes: 6 Women/4 Men — 15 Women/13 Men
  • Available colors: 19


The Platform Crocs That Celebs Love

Take a page out of Justin Bieber’s book and try out this pair of platform Crocs; they’re a a perfect (and perfectly comfy) way to get in on the platform shoe trend. Featuring a classic ventilated toe box, heel strap, and Croslite construction, these Crocs have a 1.57-inch platform heel that’ll look surprisingly chic paired with anything from wide-leg pants to a dainty dress. And while you can’t go wrong with neutrals, they come in some daring colors and prints; platforms are a shoe that wants to be seen, so why not punch up the impact?

Rave review: “Fit well, perfect height. It's not as roomy as the other crocs, but I actually like it that way. It does not look as bulky on your feet and it gives it a cute, sleeker fit... for crocs. The height is perfect. You get a lift without feeling like you will break an ankle or topple over.”

  • Available sizes: 4 — 11
  • Available colors: 24


The Slide Sandal Crocs

If you love the athleisure looks that have peppered runways lately, try these Croc slides. Made of 100% waterproof, impact-absorbing Croslite, these sandals feature a flat sole in a slip-on style with a ventilated upper. Easy on, easy off, and chic whether you wear them at the pool, or paired with a tank dress for an early-aughts throwback look.

Rave review: “[...] I love them to bits. I wear them around the house, and they’re so much better than shearling or fleece slippers. A much more breathable option. Lightweight and super roomy. Comfy with or without socks. If they get dirty? Literally just hose them off. So low maintenance. Plus, you can personalize them with jibbitz! Make them yours. I freaking love my Crocs.”

  • Available sizes: 4 Women/2 Men — 17 Women/15 Men
  • Available colors: 51


The Flip Flop Crocs

If you’re looking for a pair of Crocs you can wear to the beach or the pool, this pair of Croc flip flops are just the ticket. Made of Crocs’ signature waterproof Croslite material, the flip flop design is made to withstand hot weather and water. Available in so many fun shades, and with a sporty and cute racing stripe, these are the Crocs you’ll wear to all your pool parties.

Rave review: “Purchased these as a second pair, as I have owned a navy pair for a couple of years and they are so so comfortable and great for the beach as you don't need to worry about them getting wet. [...] They fit perfectly and the colour is vibrant and lovely.”

  • Available sizes: 6 Women/4 Men — 15 Women/13 Men
  • Available colors: 17


The Best Arch Support Crocs

These clog Crocs are a perennial favorite among doctors, nurses, chefs, and others in the service industry, thanks to their unparalleled supportive features. Made of a quick-dry synthetic material reinforced with Dual Crocs Comfort, these Crocs feature slip-resistant treads, a closed toe, cushioned footbeds, and enhanced arch support, so your feet will be comfy even if you’re on your feet all day (or night). And the slip-on, non-ventilated style is easy to clean. No wonder they’re a favorite!

Rave review: “I am a sales person who walks into mechanic shops daily. They feel like I am walking on an anti-fatigue mat. They are the perfect fit and they do not slide out in the back... They are great for non-slip.”

  • Available sizes: 6 Women/4 Men — 15 Women/13 Men
  • Available colors: 5


Also Nice: A 5-Pack Of Cute Charms To Personalize Your Crocs

Once you’ve got your Crocs of choice, pick up a pack of Crocs charms (aka Jibbitz) for a dash of color, texture, and personalization. There are literally countless Jibbitz available on Amazon — both name-brand and from smaller, alternative brands — in every style imaginable, but in this particular listing, you’ll find 29 different five-packs of summer-themed charms. There’s the “Chill Girl” style above, complete with a ’90s-inspired yin-yang and an au courant matcha latte; the sweet treat-themed “Happy Candy” pack; and even a Crocs charm included in the “Vacay Girls” pack, for an ironic meta moment.

Rave review: “Super cool,I just bought me my first crocs and this ones made it look so cute. I feel I will need to buy more of this!!”