The 9 Best Socks For Crocs

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Crocs are comfortable, practical, and functional shoes that can be made even more comfortable with socks. The best socks for Crocs are made from a breathable fabric and are cut at a length that works for you and your aesthetic. They’ll also be thick or thin enough to keep you cozy (but not sweaty!) in the weather conditions you expect to encounter, and will come in a print, color, or design that accents your Crocs.

The classic Croc design features 13 holes that keep feet cool and ventilated, but any foot in a shoe has the possibility of sweating. To manage moisture, look for socks made of a breathable fabric like cotton or bamboo, or a material blend that includes moisture-wicking materials like nylon or polyester. Crocs have a roomy design that can accommodate varying sock thicknesses, so if you’re wearing them in a cold place, consider a thick and cozy wool or fuzzy polyester. Waterproof socks made from layered synthetic materials like nylon can be another option if you’re wearing Crocs in a place where they might get wet. Other socks also feature mesh vents to circulate air, padded toes and heels for added comfort, or silicone grips to prevent slipping.

The choice of how to style your Crocs with socks is up to you. If you don’t want your socks to peek out over the top of your shoe, toe toppers (which only cover the front half of your foot) may be your best bet, though these socks will likely still be visible through the ventilation holes. No-show socks (which are typically cut below the ankle) will show in the back of the clog-style Crocs, but won’t draw too much attention. On the other hand, ankle, crew, or tube socks in longer lengths will make your Crocs style look more intentional (and less like you’re wearing a gardening shoe), especially if you opt for ones in bright colors or fun patterns. Some socks come in individual pairs, while others are available in multipacks, so you have some flexibility with the number of pairs you have on hand.

Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement or just need a sturdy pair of socks to wear with your Crocs, check out these popular options from Amazon.

1. A Pair Of Breathable, Waterproof Socks With A Lot Of Color Options

Keep your feet cool and dry with these crew cut socks. They’re made with an outer layer of nylon and polyester, a waterproof and breathable membrane, and a moisture-wicking polyester, spandex, and COOLMAX lining for all-around air circulation. The socks are thick and windproof, with a cushioned sole and a reinforced heel for comfort and durability. You can throw them in the washing machine or hand wash them, but the brand recommends air drying for the best results. Reviewers rave that these socks are absolutely waterproof, and one fan even went trail running in 13 inches of snow and reported that their feet stayed “perfectly dry” and “even pretty warm.”

Helpful Amazon review: “Got these for my fiance who works in a kitchen and always had wet feet after he was done working. Even working all day in the hot kitchen his feet stay dry!”

  • Available sizes: X-Small to X-Large
  • Available colors & patterns: 30

2. A Pair Of Novelty Socks That Come In Over 200 Designs

From arty designs to prints featuring animals, holidays, books, nature, space, and hobbies, these Good Luck socks have something for everyone. It’s an opportunity to show off your personality just by wearing socks and Crocs! Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, the socks feature mesh vents for breathability and a reinforced heel and toe for comfort. According to one reviewer, the socks “don’t shift around and slouch down into your shoes,” plus they’re “a nice thickness.” After wearing these socks, just throw them into the washing machine.

Helpful Amazon review: “My daughter is an otter fan and I had looked at these socks on and off for quite a while. I finally bought them and surprised her with them. She loved them. They looked so cute with her crocs and sandals. They are thick and they don't stretch the image when you put them on. Very good quality.”

  • Available sizes: one size only (for shoe sizes 5 to 9)
  • Available colors & patterns: 245

3. A Highly Rated 4-Pack Of Non-Slip No-Show Socks

When you want a sock that’s lower than an ankle sock, but provides more coverage than a toe topper, these no-show liner socks are a no-brainer. Lined with elastic to fit and form to your foot and featuring silicone strips on the heel for grip, these socks won’t bunch or slide in your shoe. They’re made of combed cotton and spandex, so they’re breathable, durable, and sweat-wicking, and the mesh above the instep helps to circulate air to keep your feet cool. Over 44,000 reviewers have given these no-show socks a solid 4.6-star rating overall, with one Croc wearer raving, “These socks are great to wear with my crocs. They are thin (which keeps my feet cool) and also have a rubber type strip on the inside of the heel which prevents them from sliding down. I am pleased!” They come in packs of four or eight and are machine washable.

Helpful Amazon review: “I can’t say enough good things about these socks! I bought these for the sole purpose I wear rubber croc sneakers and regular ankle socks slide down! These socks here don’t and I’m so happy I found these socks now I can wear my shoes comfortably!”

  • Available sizes: 5-8 to 8-11
  • Available color combinations: 5

4. A 6-Pack Of Moisture-Wicking Crew Socks

If you’re looking for a sturdy, dependable, no frills sock for your Crocs, then you should consider this pack of Dickies crew socks. They’re made of cotton and polyester, with ventilation channels to keep feet cool and dry. Your feet will also feel the support and stability of the arch compression, and the comfort and durability of the reinforced heel and toe. More than 17,000 reviewers have given these Dickies socks a solid 4.6-star rating overall, with one fan raving, “By far the best everyday work sock I've ever worn; I'm a nurse, so I tend to walk through socks quickly. These are thick but not hot and really do a good job wicking moisture away.” They’re available in packs of six or 12, in over a dozen color combinations, and according to reviewers, they’re okay to machine wash.

Helpful Amazon review: “I work 16 hour shifts in crocs so end of day my feet stank!!! I bought these socks and in the name of science at the end of my shift I smelled them lol and guess what? They smelled like new socks still!! Whoop whoop. So I tell everyone these are super de duper.”

  • Available sizes: 4-6 to 9-13
  • Available color combinations: 19

5. A 5-Pack Of Cozy, Patterned Wool Socks

These Nordic patterned crew socks go perfectly with warm fires, cozy nights, and a general feeling of hygge — and with Crocs, too, of course. They’re made of a soft, breathable, natural wool that reviewers report isn’t itchy. Fans also rave that the medium-weight socks are “warm but not so thick you get sweaty feet.” They come in several patterns and solid colors if you’re not into the above pattern. The brand recommends hand washing these socks to maintain proper care.

Helpful Amazon review: “I absolutely love these socks. Keeps my feet warm. My feet don’t sweat it’s comfortable in my work shoes. I wear crocs. Socks stay put all shift no slipping or sliding, I do a lot of walking and occasionally run during my shift. But this is a great buy and I’m about to reorder.”

  • Available sizes: one size only (for shoes sizes 5 to 9)
  • Available colors & patterns: 19

6. A 5-Pack Of Bamboo Toe Toppers

When you want to protect your toes or prevent them from getting too sweaty in your Crocs without committing to a whole sock, this pack of five toe toppers will do the trick. Made of bamboo, polyester, and spandex with a cushioned, grippy bottom, they provide the front half of your foot with comfort and support. Reviewers rave that they’re thick, soft, and breathable, and that they keep shoes fresh. Best of all, fans tout that these toe toppers won’t slide off or bunch up when they’re in your shoe, with one reviewer writing, “They stay in place without elastic that cuts into your feet.” In addition, they can be machine washed and come in nine different color combinations, including some made with a nylon blend.

Helpful Amazon review: “I wear Crocs and slides regularly and I thought I'd try these. So glad I did. They are whisper light and easy on and off. My feet stay clean and fresh all day. Hope to buy more sets.”

  • Available sizes: one size only (for most shoe sizes)
  • Available color combinations: 9

7. A 3-Pack Of Classic Knee-High Tube Socks

Sport a classic retro look with these knee-high socks, or just re-create the design of those Crocs with pre-attached socks. Made of breathable cotton and stretchy spandex, reviewers love that they are comfortable, soft, and don’t slide down the leg. Fans also rave that these tube socks aren’t too tight and have extra width in the calves for those who need it, with one writing, “These socks have enough give for thicker ladies without being tight after they stretch to fit.” Plus, they come in white, black, and red with a variety of different colored stripes. These socks can be machine washed, but the brand recommends hand washing as preferable, and you’ll have to hang them to dry.

Helpful Amazon review: “These socks are so soft and have wonderful stretch to them. They are extremely comfortable and I love them. I will be ordering more as I love knee high socks, especially in the winter where I live and these are perfect fit and comfort and warmth without being bulky. I highly recommend these socks.”

  • Available sizes: one size only (for shoe sizes 5 to 10)
  • Available color combinations: 6

8. A 2-Pack Of Fuzzy Socks Infused With Lavender

These fuzzy Dr. Scholl’s spa socks aren’t just cozy and comfortable, they’re also infused with lavender and vitamin E for moisturizing relief — though reviewers report that the scent isn’t overpowering. They’re made of a fuzzy, breathable polyester yarn with a smoothed toe seam to prevent bunching and grips on the sole for traction, so they make a great warm sock to wear around the house (or beyond, if you like). The socks are machine washable and come in a few bright color combinations.

Helpful Amazon review: “my feet are always cold in the winter; I wear these in the house to keep them warm. Because I have really high arches and plantar fasciitis, I need something that I can wear with my crocs, and these are thick enough to keep me warm but not so bulky that they can't fit into a pair of slippers or crocs. They are the happy medium!”

  • Available sizes: one size only (for shoe sizes 4 to 10)
  • Available color combinations: 4

9. An 8-Pack Of Wildly Popular Athletic Ankle Socks

With more than 77,000 reviews and an impressive 4.8-star rating overall, these athletic ankle socks from Saucony are an incredibly popular option that also happen to be great for Crocs. They’re made of polyester with a hint of spandex, but include mesh vents for breathability so your feet stay dry. With cushioning in the heel and toe, as well as compression around the arch of your foot, the socks are supportive and genuinely comfortable. The back of the sock has a thick heel tab that won’t do much when you’re wearing Crocs, but will keep the back of your shoe from rubbing or causing your sock to fall down when you’re wearing other types of footwear. Reviewers rave that these are the best socks they’ve ever owned, with one fan going so far as to write, “I love these and now have trouble wearing other sock brands because these are my favorite now.” The socks are available in tons of color combinations and in packs of eight or sixteen pairs. Plus, reviewers suggest they hold up in the washing machine.

Helpful Amazon review: “These are great. The taller knit in the back is something I didn’t realize I needed! Im a nurse. I wear crocs nursing shoes [...] was worried about the thicker sock making me feet sweat after wearing these for 12 hours in those crocs. Not only were my feet not sweating but they felt like I had breathable sneakers on all day. My shoes never rub on the back of my ankles but these socks add a little extra cushion to the back that just feels good. I love these socks.”

  • Available sizes: 5-7 to 10-13
  • Available color combinations: 32