The 12 Best Vegan Winter Boots

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Keeping your feet warm and comfortable through the winter often involves investing in leather or suede boots, but there are also tons of wonderful vegan options for anyone who would prefer footwear that’s made without animal-derived materials. The best vegan winter boots will be warm enough for your climate, offer the amount of traction you need if you’ll be facing ice or snow, and suit your sense of style. It can be a challenge to narrow down all the materials used in any given pair of shoes — even a pair of boots that skips out on leather could be made with animal-derived glue. With that in mind, below you’ll find boots that have been described by their manufacturers as “vegan” or “100% synthetic.”

If you live somewhere with harsh winters and are tired of doubling up your socks to keep cozy, consider getting a pair of boots with a lining. Faux fur and fleece are common vegan linings, but if you’re not facing super-cold weather or plan on wearing thick socks regardless, you can opt for an unlined boot. Consider the amount of snow and ice you’re likely to face as well, as this will affect how water-resistant your boots should be, as well as how rugged of a tread you’ll need. Water-resistant or waterproof boots will fare better in the rain and snow, and a grippy tread on the outsole of the boot can give you traction and help to prevent slipping. (However, applying a waterproofing shoe spray can be a good solution for boots that might be more prone to leaks — just make sure to spot test any product the first time you use it.)

As for aesthetics, comfortable boots for winter are available in a wide variety of styles, so chances are you’ll be able to find a vegan pair that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. From ankle- to knee-heights, scroll on for the best vegan winter boots on Amazon.


These Faux Fur–Lined & Water-Resistant Boots

These warm and water-resistant boots are perfect for trudging through snow or working outdoors in the winter for extended periods. They lace up, are made with a water-repellent vegan leather upper with a knit portion at the top, and they have a rubber sole with plenty of traction. Best of all, they’re lined with faux fur and have a memory foam insole, ensuring you stay comfortable in more ways than one. They’re specified as vegan by the manufacturer.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 3

One reviewer wrote: “I thought that these were extremely cute but in person they are CUTEEEE! They are also super comfy. I wore them tromping through the snow yesterday and no issues. So comfy. I have bursitis in my left hip and it was not as painful as wearing flat shoes.”


A Pair Of Cozy Pull-On Boots

If you’re in search of an UGG-like boot that’s vegan, consider these pull-on boots made of vegan microsuede. While they’re not water-resistant, they’re lined with faux fur and have an EVA sole with tread to prevent slipping. The boots are also available in a tall version — both heights are 100% synthetic.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 13
  • Available colors: 3

One reviewer wrote: “These are a great alternative to non vegan boots of this style. I wear these and nothing else all winter. It took me a long time to find a quality WARM sturdy vegan version and these are it. I can wear these in Iowa outside in the snow and my feet stay nearly as warm as they did in the non vegan boots. They do need extra waterproofing, but I didn't have a problem doing that. I am extremely thankful to have found these!”


These Budget-Friendly Faux Leather Combat Boots

If you want to rock a bold fashion boot this winter, these combat boots should do the trick — without breaking the bank. Their uppers are made of faux leather, and they have both a lace-up front and a side zipper. Reviewers have described them as warm, despite not having a fuzzy lining or being water resistant (although some shoppers have recommended adding a water-repellent spray). A customer even noted that “these are perfect for winter weather.” Their rubber tread was grippy enough for another reviewer to attest that they “have excellent traction, no slips during the winter.” They are 100% synthetic.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 13
  • Available colors: 4

One reviewer wrote: “These are not as expensive looking as some brands, but I like the simplicity of them. They are comfortable and true to size. I like them with jeans, but I have also worn them with casual skirts. I get a lot of use out of this style of boot in the fall and winter months because it gets just cold enough to wear them. The side zipper is convenient for putting them on and taking them off. The laces are really just for esthetics and I’ve never touched them. I keep them tucked inside. A classic look that never really goes out of style.”


A Pair Of Waterproof Vegan Boots That Are Made For Snow

These vegan snow boots will help you navigate winter walkways with their rubber soles with lots of deep treads. They have a durable, waterproof fabric upper and a knit top to help keep your feet dry for comfort, as well as a removable Zylex lining to wick moisture and keep your feet dry and super warm. However, reviewers have recommended sizing up for the best fit.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 11
  • Available colors: 2

One reviewer wrote: “I love, love, love these boots! I had Sorel boots before, and my feet always froze. Not with these. They fit perfectly and they are lighter than expected.”


These Tall Faux Fur Lined Quilted Boots

These tall quilted boots have an upper made of quilted synthetic fabric with a knit, sherpa, or faux fur detail at the top. They have a lace-up front as well as a zip-up side, and reviewers have noted that they’re relatively water-resistant, with one writing, “I spend a lot of mornings in the cold and deep in snow sometimes, but my feet are always dry and warm when I have these on.” They have a deep rubber tread, are lined with faux fur, and are 100% synthetic.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12
  • Available colors: 18

One reviewer wrote: “I am a teacher in Michigan, who is required to go outside with the kiddos in just about any weather. In the past I've doubled up on socks and worn my regular boots. However, when I saw that this pair was reasonably priced I decided to purchase my first pair of winter boots. I love these. Since buying them I've used them for work in 15 degree weather. My feet stay warm almost the entire time (they got cold after about an hour of moving little outside). I've also been hiking in 30 degree weather and my feet were very, very warm during the two-hour hike. Plus, they are stylish enough to wear with just about any of my outfits. I've gotten a lot of compliments and had other friends purchase them, who say they love them.”


A Cozy Pair Of Ankle Boots With Memory Foam Insoles

This pair of cozy slip-on ankle boots have uppers made of suede-like water-resistant microfiber with a fabric lining and a knit cuff. They have a deep tread (though the specific material isn’t by the manufacturer) and memory foam insole. With slip- and water-resistance but no bulky lining, they’re perfect for anyone who’s looking for a winter-ready boot but gets overheated by thicker linings. They’re vegan-friendly, according to the manufacturer.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 2

One reviewer wrote: “These boots fits super well, were comfortable to wear all day long, and were perfectly snuggly warm without making my feet hot and sweaty.”


A Vegan Pair Of Classic Dr. Martens

There are few boots more iconic than Dr. Martens, and, luckily, they make a six-rivet lace-up vegan style that is just plain cool. They have an upper made with a vegan material the brand calls “Oxford Rub-Off.” However, no lining is listed by the manufacturer. They aren’t described as water-resistant, but one shopper described, “I’ve worn my vegan Dr Martins on regular rainy days, and they were fine afterwards with no problems!” They also feature a synthetic sole with a deep tread. While I don’t have these specific Docs, the pair I do have has the same tread and has kept me from slipping on ice and snow for 10 years and counting. They are specified as vegan by the manufacturer.

  • Available sizes: 6 Women/5 Men — 13 Women/12 Men
  • Available colors: 4

One reviewer wrote: “Great pair! Decided to try the vegan boot, and I’m really pleased with them. They’re light compared to my other pairs, and go well with just about any outfit. I have never been unhappy with a pair of docs!”


These Riding Boots With Stretchy Knit Panels

If you’re in search of a taller boot, these unlined riding boots are a fashionable winter-friendly choice for more temperate climates. They have a vegan leather front with a knit back panel to accommodate a variety of calf sizes, plus a full side zipper as well as a buckle detail. They do have some tread, but as it’s rather light, these non-water-resistant boots won’t be the best option for trudging through snow or navigating icy paths. They are 100% synthetic.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12 (including wide sizes)
  • Available colors: 3

One reviewer wrote: “Finally! It’s so hard to find true wide with shoes that are stylish and comfortable! And the calf fits too! Happy days! I don’t know how well the stretch panel will hold up, but to be honest at that price I will risk it! I fist bought the brown and loved them so much I bought a pair in black! The calf doesn’t gap and hugs you nicely. [...] Does not fall down and does not cut of circulation when sitting! I feared that the fabric mixed with the faux leather would look cheap, but it doesn’t! It’s really a great boot! These are not warm boots but they really are nice and comfortable! I highly recommend!”


This Pair Of Heeled Combat Boots With Deep Treads

If you’re not one to be turned away from heeled boots even during the winter, check out these combat boots with a chunky heel. Their upper is made of unlined faux leather, and they have a lace-up front as well as zip-up sides. They have a synthetic sole with tread that works so well one reviewer wrote that “they have fantastic grip even on rainy days walking down my steep-grade hill.” Another shopper described that their pair “allows me to walk in heeps of snow” but recommends using a spray-on water repellant “for extra protection.” They are 100% synthetic. Choose from three colors: black (pictured), a rich burgundy, and white.

  • Available sizes: 5.5 — 11
  • Available colors: 3

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect for what i was looking for. i wanted a cute combat boot that wasn’t so high heeled that i couldn’t wear them for every day. this was a perfect happy medium and i love them!”


A Pair Of Water-Resistant, Side-Zip Boots

With an upper made of 3M Scotchgard-treated water-resistant faux leather, a chenille fabric lining, and a sherpa collar, these side-zip ankle boots are made for snowy days and look pretty swell, too. “The traction is wonderful,” wrote one reviewer in describing the rubber lug sole. They also have a memory foam insole for maximum comfort. Plus, they’re specified as vegan by the manufacturer.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 2

One reviewer wrote: “Just moved to the midwest and needed something to wear for the winter. They are very comfortable - wear them shopping and my feet are toasty warm. The height of the boot is perfect too as it doesn't rub on the back of my heel. Received many compliments too -- highly recommend!”


A Pair Of Waterproof Chelsea Boots For Milder Winters

To keep your feet dry all winter long, consider a pair of stylish rain boots. These slip-on Chelsea-style boots are made of waterproof rubber and neoprene and have a rubber treaded sole. Since they don’t have a warm lining, these will be most suited for pairing with warm socks or for wearing in more temperate climates. They are specified as vegan by the manufacturer.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors: 17

One reviewer wrote: “Comfortable, easy on and off. Sufficient height for LA winters and double as easy garden boots come spring.”


These Sleek Ankle Boots With Warm Sherpa Lining

For balancing fashion and function all winter, look no further than these 100% synthetic ankle boots with buckle details. Their upper is made of tumbled polyurethane, and they feature zippers up the side so that they’re easy to pull on. For warmth, they’re lined with cozy sherpa, and they have a rubber tread to provide great traction. One customer also wrote, “Not sure if they’re completely waterproof but they are very water resistant.”

  • Available sizes: 6 — 9.5
  • Available colors: 1

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve had these boots for several months and love them! They go with everything and look nice enough for work. The heel is very low so they are very comfortable to walk in. So far the material has been durable and has maintained. Thinking about buying a second pair.”