The 8 Best Wool Slippers That Won't Make Your Feet Sweat

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When the weather is cold, the best wool slippers strike the perfect balance between warm and breathable to keep your feet cozy and comfy (but not sweaty!) indoors. To find your perfect pair, think about the type of wool that best suits your needs — shearling sheepskin is fluffy and super warm, while felted or boiled wool is soft or stretchy, respectively, but tends to be slightly less warm and cozy compared to sheepskin. If you might want to wear your slippers on brief stints outdoors, look for a pair with rubber or other sturdy soles.

Many top wool slippers have wool sole linings that increase the chances that a slipper will hold up over many wears. Still, if you want to wear the slippers outside, rubber or thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outsoles (also great for structure and longevity) are a must. Leather, suede, or other less rugged outsole materials should suffice if you’ll be mostly staying inside. These soft materials usually keep floors scuff-free and often make little to no noise, but that also means they lack the stability or traction you’d get from a rubber sole that's more weather- and slip-resistant.

Regardless of the materials a slipper is made from, you'll also want to consider the style. Full-coverage styles are warmest — booties cover the whole foot and ankle to keep you toasty warm, while moccasins cover most of your foot. While wool is naturally moisture-wicking and breathable, if your feet run particularly warm, you might prefer an open-backed clog, slip-on, or sandal design that lets your feet breathe more. Slipper sock options could be appealing if you want something halfway between a warm pair of socks and cozy slippers.

Whatever style of wool or slipper design you're looking for, these wool slipper options can keep your feet warm and comfortable even on the coldest days.

1. A Sheepskin-Lined Moccasin You Can Wear Out Of The House

If you're looking for a cozy slipper you can wear basically everywhere, these Minnetonka moccasins are lined with thick, fuzzy sheepskin that will keep your feet super warm no matter the weather. A durable suede exterior stretches over time to mold to your feet, and rawhide laces help you achieve an even better fit. If you want to wear the slippers out of the house, the sturdy rubber sole is more than up to the task. A handful of Amazon reviewers even report wearing these as everyday shoes, while others enjoy these exclusively as indoor slippers — so it's versatile enough for you to choose your own adventure.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “I have been wearing these slippers for years. Haven't found anything that even comes close to warmth, comfort, durability. Highly recommend!!!”

  • Available sizes: Women’s 5 — 11, including wide sizes

2. A Popular Clog-Style Slipper For Indoor/Outdoor Use

These popular clog-style Haflinger slippers have a classic look and a dedicated following on Amazon, with more than 2,200 reviews and a 4.6-star rating overall. The clog style means they should be warm but not overly so. The manufacturer bills these as indoor/outdoor slippers, and they definitely fit that bill. The 100% felted wool upper and lining means they're warm and cozy, and a roomy toe box gives your toes space to breathe. A cork footbed with molded latex arch support helps you stay comfortable on your feet, and several Amazon reviewers with foot discomfort recommend these as house shoes as a result. Finally, an anti-skid rubber sole makes the slippers especially viable as outdoor shoes, whether you're wearing them on errands or quick jaunts to the mailbox; they'll even reduce the chance of slipping indoors. Grab them in a bunch of different colors, from subdued black to bright blue.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “These were recommended by a friend of mine after I mentioned I need to wear slippers at home because I have [hardwood] floors. As soon as you put these on you will notice how well made they are and how much arch support they have. I like that they are slip ons so they are easy to get on and off. I find they don't fall off too easily either. I like that they have a rubber sole as well. These are so comfortable I've found myself in the car driving to work or the store with them still on.”

  • Available sizes: Women's 5 — 12

3. These Stylish Shearling Slippers That Let Your Toes Breathe

These trendy Ugg slippers may be sandal in style, but their furry sheepskin upper is incredibly warm and cozy. An elastic heel strap keeps them from falling off, and the open heel and toe keep them from making your feet sweat. This fashionable but practical style has garnered more than 20,000 Amazon reviews (and counting) with an overall 4.7-star rating on the site. The slippers also have a good amount of structure to them, with a rubber sole that gives them a more shoe-like feel and makes them versatile for outside wear as well.

If you like the look, know that these slippers come in more than 30 different colors and patterns — so there should be something for everyone, whether you're into leopard print, hot pink, or rainbow stripes.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “These slippers are so unique and comfortable. There is a solid platform which gives them a much different feel than any other slipper and the strap really keeps them in place. They are so soft and funky looking. I actually wear them outside of the house running errands and such so they are worth the price tag for a slipper.”

  • Available sizes: Women's 5 — 12

4. A Budget-Friendly Pair Of Clog-Style Slippers

You can easily shell out a lot of money for a high-quality pair of wool slippers, and you probably won't regret it — but if you're on a budget, these clog-style slippers can be yours for less than $30. The low price comes from a smart mix of real wool and synthetic materials; the upper is made from felted wool and lined with synthetic felt, while the rubbery outsoles are made from TPR. The synthetic lining could make these slippers a little sweatier than pure wool, but since they're clogs that don't cover your entire foot, there's still opportunity for your feet to breathe. The hard soles are anti-slip, making them a great choice for wearing indoors or out. They come in three different colors: a black that looks more like charcoal, gray, and a purpley blue.

According to one Amazon reviewer: "These are exactly what I was looking for and at a really good price! I wanted some wool clogs or slip ons that I could wear while working at home and also for taking the dog outside. These are perfectly simple, fit great, are pretty thick wool and have a nice grippy rubber sole."

  • Available sizes: Women's 6.5 — 15

5. An Extra-Warm Sheepskin Bootie With Memory Foam Support

If your feet tend to get really cold, these cozy sheepskin booties are incredibly warm, with a sheepskin lining and full coverage of your foot and even ankle, thanks to a plush sheepskin collar. While the exterior may look like it's made from suede, the booties are actually made from double-faced sheepskin, meaning that both sides of the sheepskin are visible. Each slipper also includes a memory foam layer with supportive heel and arch cushioning on the footbed.

If you find that these slippers are so warm and cozy you don't want to take them off, you don't have to — the non-slip rubber outsole makes these suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. One note about sizing: Many Amazon reviewers report having to size up at least one (if not two) sizes for the best fit. The slippers are available in a light brown with an off-white collar or in a dark brown with a dark brown collar.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “I have been looking long and hard to replace a pair of sheepskin slippers I had years ago that lasted me for at least 7 years, but I couldn't remember the brand that I bought and the business I bought them from no longer exists. I tried various brands, and though the slippers were high priced, they had no support and didn't fit right. Finally, I found these, they fit snuggly, have some arch support as well as memory foam in the footbed, and have a heel, which I was looking for so that they didn't just slip off while walking around. They also have a flexible hard sole so that you can still step outside to get the mail, etc. This is what I had been searching for and I hope they too will last for many years.”

  • Available sizes: Women's 6 — 11

6. These Felted Wool Booties To Keep You Warm Indoors

If you want the look and coverage of a bootie-style slipper with a streamlined feel, these felted wool booties could be just what you need. The uppers are made of 100% felted wool, including the insole, and are accented with a leather outsole that's lightweight and offers minor traction for comfortably moving about inside. Some Amazon reviewers comment on the lack of arch support, so these might not be a great choice for anyone who prefers super supportive footwear, but many rave about the warmth and breathability these slippers offer, too. In fact, it has earned a 4.7-star overall rating. A handful of reviewers also suggest the material can feel scratchy at first around the ankles but softens once these are broken in. Choose from a bunch of different colors.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “These are life-changing slippers. They stay on your feet, even when you're wearing them on the couch and getting them tangled in the blankets. The leather soles let me prance up and down my staircase [...] like a billy goat. My feet feel like they are snuggled in cozy cocoons.”

  • Available sizes: Women's 4-4.5 — 16-16.5

7. A Clog-Style Felted Wool Slipper For Indoor Wear

These Nootkas felted wool slippers could be your perfect pair if you want an open-back clog-style slipper built with breathability and indoor use in mind. These low-profile slippers are recommended by Nootkas for people who tend to heat up quickly, since the open design and felted wool offer good temperature regulation. These slip-ons come with a suede outsole and lightly padded insole, but have no added arch support. An added bonus if you're interested in making more sustainable purchases: These Nootkas slippers are made with wool ethically sourced from New Zealand and are manufactured in a fair trade-certified facility in Nepal. They come in nine different colors.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “I absolutely love these slippers! They are so comfortable and my feet do not sweat in them”

  • Available sizes: Women's 5.5-6 — 10.5-11

8. A Slipper Sock With A Grippy Sole

If you're interested in a pair of cozy slipper socks, consider these boiled wool Acorn wool slipper socks with over 2,000 Amazon reviews and a 4-star rating overall — and the distinction of being worn by NASA astronauts in space. In addition to boiled wool, these slipper socks contain a minimal amount of spandex and nylon for stretch. They look like a typical sock and sit mid-calf, but they also have a leather and suede sole with a padded footbed for traction and support you won't find in an average pair of socks. Multiple Amazon reviewers report that these slipper socks are warm and cozy and last quite a while — from 1 to 2 years, and even up to 36 years in the case of one reviewer!

According to one reviewer: “I love that the wool keeps you warm without making you sweat. I love that they breathe because I can sleep in them without getting hot feet and waking up having to kick them off. I also love the leather soles because it makes them very durable. They are also nicely padded on the sole which makes them very cushiony to walk around in. I love my slipper socks!”

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 3X-Large