Confused About Blush Placement? This TikTok Makeup Hack Will Help

The only tool you need is your hand.

It’s truly the year of blush, with countless launches from your fave brands dropping seemingly every week, Tiktok viral products selling out in mere minutes, and a serious obsession with learning how different blush placements can completely alter or effortlessly complement your unique facial structure. And more often than not, the goal is to slim, lift, and snatch your face.

From blush contour (sans the bronzer) to an obsession with purple-hued blush. Blush that makes you look sunburnt (in the best way possible) to expertly-placed blush that brightens the under eyes — the latest hack to take BeautyTok by storm is said to give beauty loving girlies the most perfect blush placement each and every time, using nothing but your hand as a tool.

Creators on the growing platform have discovered that if you align the backside of your hand against your face — with your thumb tucked underneath your nose, and your fingers pointed upwards framing your brow and creating a 90 degree angle on your cheeks — the curve at that 90 degree angle acts as a guide for the most ideal blush placement. And while some seem skeptical — the hack is low risk, (possibly) high reward, considering it’s a no-purchase-necessary trend.

Aside from being no cost at all (given that you have an easy to use cream blush on hand), the TikToker who initially shared this total life-hack, Angela Lanter, shares that the trick works for each and every face shape.

Are you down to give it a try?

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