Liquid Blush Is The Key To Brighter Under Eyes, According To TikTok

This hack may just change your entire under-eye routine.

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It seems there is a new makeup trend, out-there aesthetic, or unique product going viral on TikTok each and every day — but the most recent beauty hack swirling the platform may be one of the most useful and transformative yet ...

In an effort to achieve brightened under eyes with a glowing, soft pink hue, glam gurus and blush aficionados alike have been testing a new application method with seriously surprising results. Applying a highly-pigmented, pink-hued liquid blush (more often than not, Rare Beauty’s cult-fave Soft Pinch formula) directly under the eyes, the bold color is blended with concealer for a diffused, radiant, and snatched effect. Though it seems odd at best to apply a blush shade so high up on one’s face (and so close to the eyes), many have been shocked with the outcome, exclaiming that they will now incorporate the complexion-transforming technique into their daily routines.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner (to name a few) have made the ultra-glam, blush toned under eye totally mainstream for quite some time now — and while a number of pink setting powders have hit the market and provided similar results, it seems this approach is a bit more long-lasting and effective, especially when topped and enhanced with the perfect loose powder.

Though hesitant at the start of her recent video, TikToker Diana Chantel weighed in on the trend with her final verdict: “This concealer hack looks absolutely beautiful — I am never going back to my old routine.”

Naturally, with so many creators raving about the game-changing technique, my blush-loving self had to get it on the fun as well ... My thoughts? As someone who tends to struggle with puffy under-eyes, I found that applying liquid blush in that area acted as a color corrector, allowing my concealer to glow with added warmth and a feeling of youthfulness, rather than looking stark, dull, or grey-toned in comparison to my complexion. While I was rather conservative with the blush pigment, I definitely plan to utilize the awakening hack in makeup looks to come — and definitely think it’s worth trying if you tend to get dark circles and want a DIY under eye brightener.

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