TikTokers Are Loving The "Sunburn Blush" Makeup Trend

No beach day necessary.

The sunburn blush makeup trend is all over TikTok and Instagram. Luckily, you don't need to sacrific...

Another day, another viral TikTok trend circling amongst the beauty lovers of the world. This time around? BeautyTok is changing the age-old narrative, creating the appearance of sunburned cheeks and noses with blush and suddenly ... the makeup look is more chic, and less “I accidentally fell asleep in the sun for too long.”

Don’t throw out your fave SPF just yet — because again this hack is all about creating the look of having gotten just a bit too much sun, with the help of some strategically placed makeup (sans any unwanted skin damage à la UV rays).

Luckily, the look is pretty easy, and effortlessly complements those low-key, low-maintenance natural glams so associated with the warmer months. While TikTokers seem to prefer a cream or liquid blush formula, a pigmented powder would work just the same if that’s what you prefer. Once you’ve applied your foundation or base, apply a generous amount of blush just below your eyes and over the bridge of your nose, building the product up to create that subtly sunburnt glow. For a dash of added sweetness that looks naturally sunny, some prefer to go in with some faux freckles to complete the look.

Notice you’ve added too much blush near your undereyes? Pro tip: add just a touch of concealer on top of the blush where you need to and blend away, adding brightness back into your complexion.

Eden Weiss, a TikToker known for her romantic, nature-centric content, shares: “Everyone says I look sunburnt or like I’m wearing too much blush when I wear this, but girl — that is the whole point.”

Another major fan of the look who has adopted the style for summer? Addison Rae, who prefers to dip into her own brand, ITEM Beauty’s Blushin’ Like A Cream Blush, for a highly-pigmented pop of color that dances across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Chef’s kiss.