6 Chic Bob Haircut Trends That Are Defining 2023

This is your sign to finally go for the chop.

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“A bob will always be in fashion,” Tom Smith, a celeb hair guru and International Colour Creative Director at evo, tells Bustle. And in 2023 — which is truly the year of the bob — the always-in nature of the shorter haircut is thanks in part to its “constant evolution,” as Smith phrases it.

In other words? Just because one has less hair, doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t get creative with the cut, or even with their day to day go-to styles. Thanks to unique iterations of the bob haircut that are trending by the day, there’s bound to be a style perfectly suited to you.

Let’s acknowledge that going from mermaid-length locks to chin-grazing tresses is intimidating, to say the least. Yet Smith shares a bit of much-needed assurance for those on the fence: “I always tell my clients that the success of their hairstyle when at a length above the shoulder is 70 percent about how I cut it, and just 30 percent how they style and manage it. This means that bobs of all varieties, when cut in a way that is complementary to the natural texture of the hair, can be incredibly practical [and] extremely beautifying thanks to their ability to frame the face and features.”

From Kourtney Kardashian’s micro cut to the power bob loved by Hailey Bieber, Lori Harvey, and beyond — here are the biggest bob haircut trends of 2023 to consider for your next major chop.


The Micro Bob

Feeling brave? “Shrinking normal bob lengths up close to the nape of the neck is a great option for those willing to push the limits of the bob,” notes Smith. “This bob is a very high fashion yet an extremely practical option for those with straight to slightly wavy hair.”

As for some styling tips, Smith shares: “De-volumizing products are key here. I love evo lockdown, which shrinks the thickness of each strand of hair, making it easy to get that head-hugging, sleek shape on even thicker hair types.”


The Shattered Bob

Smith says: “Ideal for those who worry a bob will look too severe, this heavily textured shape gives a softness and movement that more classic bobs often lack. The notable element is the choppy, shattered ends which are texturized to lose the solidity of the length and is best worn with a natural, relaxed texture. This bob works best with medium density hair that has a natural wave to it, but can also be achieved on thicker hair.”


The Bubble Bob

Hitting between your shoulders and jawline and a bit more rounded in shape, Martin Palmer, a salon manager at Nicky Clarke Birmingham, says that the bubble bob is all about the graduated angle of the chop: “Graduation is the build-up of weight, so it has that slight wedge shape at the back,” Palmer tells Bustle. What’s more, this style work for countless hair types, including curls and coils.


The French Girl Bob With Bangs

Care for a cut that has that je ne sais quoi? Sophie Rose Gutterman, a stylist who has worked with the likes of Adrienne Bailon, recommends taking cues from endlessly chic French girls: “The ‘French girl’ bob is everything. Styling with soft bends at the end gives so much volume, [and] taking the bob to another level just screams playful and fierce.” The key? Movement, dimension, and maybe even a fringe moment à la Amélie if you’re into micro bangs, which were all over this year’s Met Gala red carpet.


The Contour Bob

Smith tells Bustle: “The contour bob takes inspiration from clever makeup techniques to lift and shape the face, thanks to a deep side parting and tucking the hair behind one (or sometimes two) ears. This encourages a lifted cheekbone and creates a shadow under the jaw which gives a slimmer, lifted, and tighter appearance to the face. Ideal on all hair types, even very fine hair can do well with this shape as gathering the hair behind the ear can help to create the look of bulk and thickness.”


The Precision Bob

The precision bob — also known as the power bob — is truly an empowered cut. Smith notes of the trending look: “Super classic but so simple, it’s become cool again as part of the overarching ‘quiet luxury’ trend. The key is to keep it sharp and perfectly ‘one length,’ with no graduation and no layers. This is ideal for fine to medium hair textures that are straight or just slightly wavy, although thicker or curlier hair types can achieve this look with a more technically complicated haircut and the commitment to a bit more daily styling to smooth and straighten this sleek shape.” The key for those with spirals? A seasoned hairstylist who has a lot of curly hair-cutting experience.

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