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Micro Bangs Are It-Girl Approved

They’re bold yet elegant.

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Micro bangs are loved by Emma Chamberlain, Florence Pugh, Halsey, & more.

With iterations of the bang — including curtain, wispy, baby, and side-swept — popping all over red carpets and Instagram feeds aplenty, it’s safe to say that bangs are having their main character moment amongst the on-trend girlies. But as of late, many of the industry’s unequivocal cool girls are chopping their fringe a bit shorter than usual.

Say hello to micro bangs. And similar to micro French nails or micro mini skirts — the painted lines, hemlines, and hairlines are taking the trends to chic new heights. Gia Wendt, a hairstylist and total cut-and-color guru based in Chicago, gives Bustle details: “Micro bangs, or baby bangs, are super short bangs that lay somewhere in the middle of your forehead. I think we’re seeing them pop up more because they’re so bold, elegant, and feminine. They really make a statement and aren’t for everybody.”

As for the celebrities that having been loving them? Florence Pugh, for one, is known to be quite the hair chameleon, with her brunette “mixie” morphing into carefree blonde shags and flirty flipped bobs throughout its grow-out phase. And most recently, the actor has given her sweet bangs a bit of a chop, experimenting with museum-worthy structural updos that are more like works of art.

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Bella Hadid and Halsey have also been spotted experimenting with micro bangs, styling their fresh-cut ‘do into grungy, spider-like sections (which is giving all of the Lydia Deetz vibes, TBH).

While the unique look is not quite as wearable day to day — it falls under the anti-beauty beauty trend that’s likely to be seen *everywhere* for springtime and beyond.

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Are Micro Bangs Right For You?

Chopping some bangs is a major beauty change to begin with — and going for a micro silhouette is another level of switching up your signature look. Wendt shares the one thing you may want to consider before booking that salon appointment: “I think the biggest thing to consider is whether or not you have cowlicks on your hairline. The shorter your micro bangs, the harder time you’ll have styling them with a cowlick.”

As for an understated benefit of the look? Fewer salon visits (though Bustle has gathered some tips for at-home trims, too). “The beauty of shorter bangs is that you can go longer in between trims,” Wendt points out.

How To Style Micro Bangs

Major icons of the past — a big one being Audrey Hepburn — have explored the world of micro bangs. And when done right, they truly do give you that oh so chic je ne sais quoi.

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Into a fresh new look for spring? Wendt shares her tip on styling the buzzy ‘do: “Use a small boar bristle brush (like the Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Brush) to blow-dry. You’ll want to style them when they’re soaking wet to get them to lay down flat.”

As for setting your bangs in place, Wendt notes: “I like to use creaseless clips to help them cool into place.”

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