The Best Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair, According To Stylists

Six different ways to rock the timeless look.

Thick hair may be an often-envied strand type, but if that’s your natural texture, it can sometimes feel like your locks are weighing you down. If you can relate, then you might want to consider getting a cut — such as the classic bob. And there’s no shortage of bob haircuts for thick hair.

“The bob is one of the most timeless and iconic haircuts,” says salon owner and Virtue Labs ambassador Chris Jones. Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena agrees. “A bob is a statement piece. It's like having a really great bag or an amazing coat — it just stands out,” he says. But it’s not just for fine or curly hair types. If your strands are on the denser side, stylists recommend going for a variation of the bob that’ll some of your natural fluff.

For thick hair, Jones likes to take the “bell” out of the bob. “Removing bulk and weight near the bottom creates a more modern and flattering shape,” he tells Bustle. You can do that with shaggy variations on the bob, extra layers, or by going asymmetrical. The length is also up to you: It can be cut super short, at or above the chin, or it can graze the collarbone to achieve what Mena likes to call “the clavicle bob.” Keep scrolling for a handful of ideas for bob haircuts for thick hair that you’ll want to bring to your stylist for your next chop.


Short & Shaggy

For an easy and cool cut for thick hair, keep it short and shaggy. “I’m a huge fan of taking a classic shape and adding a modern twist,” says Jones, pointing to the shaggy bob, which allows you to rock two hair trends in one. “The shaggy bob is a haircut with asymmetrical chopped ends and lots of texture,” Nick Stenson, celebrity hairstylist, artistic director at Matrix, previously told Bustle.


Blunt With Bangs

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Blunt with bangs is the textbook version of a bob that never goes out of style — and it’s great for all hair types, including sometimes hard-to-manage thick hair. “Keeping the shape simple eliminates some of the work at home,” Jones says. This cut is also a favorite of Euphoria’s lead hairstylist Kim Kimble for thick hair types. “You can do lots of styles with it,” she tells Bustle.


Shaggy With Bangs

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Mena loves a bob with full bangs. Go with a shaggy iteration of the cut for some edge and movement, and tousle your fringe for a je ne sais quoi cool-girl flare.


Long & Layered

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A shoulder-length bob with lots of layers is a great option to lighten up thick hair and create movement. “Removing bulk and weight from thick hair can also help the haircut lay better and not feel as round,” Jones explains. Use a hot tool if you want more of a wave to your look or air dry for a natural finish.



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According to Mena, denser hair can handle the drama of an asymmetrical bob cut. “Especially with thick hair, it’s just striking when you have a really strong line,” he tells Bustle. Style it in a deep side part for old Hollywood glamour vibes.



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If you’re not looking to go too short, you could always go with a lob. Spice up the cut by playing with texture and cutting your hair at an angle, suggests hairstylist Nicole Pascual. “For thicker hair types, I love to use razors or thinning shears to give a strong but lived-in look to the lob,” she previously told Bustle. “These tools enhance the hair texture and make the look effortless and wearable.”