6 Ways To Rock A Shaggy Bob

The trendy cut gives you plenty to work with.

Stylists share their top-recommended shaggy bob hairstyles.
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Shags, bobs, and now their joint evolution — the shaggy bob — have taken the beauty world (and salon chairs) by storm, and experts predict these hair trends aren’t going anywhere. But even as the style continues to skyrocket in popularity, you might be wondering how exactly to style the new ‘do. As it turns out, there is a wide range of shaggy bob hairstyles to wear since the cut has so much versatility.

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“The shaggy bob is a haircut with asymmetrical chopped ends and lots of texture,” Nick Stenson, celebrity hairstylist, artistic director at Matrix, and senior vice president of store and services operations at Ulta Beauty, tells Bustle. “It’s a great low-maintenance style for those who want a relaxed, lived-in look that’s also versatile.” The changeability and texture essentially mean it comes with its own built-in style: Leaving your hair “messy” or letting it do its own thing comes across as intentional in the world of shaggy bobs. And that’s a key part of its allure.

Of course, it’s always nice to have some extra inspo on hand, so Bustle spoke with the experts to get their top recommended shaggy bob hairstyle ideas.


Slightly Tousled

Shaggy bobs thrive when they look tousled — and achieving that look requires just a tiny bit of effort. “Add volume and lift the roots by incorporating product and backcombing,” Stenson tells Bustle. “I recommend using a texturing spray like the Biolage Volumebloom Full-Lift Volumizer Spray on damp hair and then drying with a round brush like The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush for added bounce and movement.”

Once your hair is dried, he recommends running your hands through to achieve that effortlessly chic finish. Finish off with a bit of hairspray to lock it in and you’re good to go.


Enhanced Texture


For those with naturally curly or textured hair, one option for boosting your shaggy bob is to scrunch it while wet, then diffuse it. “Flip your head upside down and scrunch your damp hair with curl-enhancing products,” Danny Garrity, a hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City, tells Bustle. After scrunching, flip back up and dry your hair using a diffuser attachment. He says this will enhance your natural curls and boost your volume.


Romantic Curls

You could also use a flat iron to add some curls to your shaggy bob — think of a manicured coiffure, says Garrity. To achieve this look, he recommends clasping your hair in the iron then twisting it in a spiral-like motion. While twisting, glide the iron down sections of hair. You can face the curls away from or towards your face for a uniform aesthetic, or change it up for more body throughout.


Smooth & Straight

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Jenna Spino, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, suggests straightening the shaggy bob for a different take on the cut. Even though most people don’t think of shaggy bobs being pin-straight, she insists they work well when worn in a silky style. That’s because it makes the ends look more blunt, she explains, while still having tons of texture on the inside.

To achieve this look, flat iron the hair and use a dry texture spray to show off the layers, says Spino.


Beach Waves

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If you’re looking for a style that’s somewhere between curly and straight, beach waves are the way to go — they’re relaxed, yet full of movement. “Most people like to use a wand or waver like Trademark Beauty Babe Waves for this because you can leave the ends out and create a more messy beachy feel,” says Spino. After using the waver, simply run your fingers through your hair to break it up.


Air Dried

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When all else fails, just allow your cut to speak for itself. “Shaggy bobs are meant to be messy, so work with what you got,” says Spino. It’s low maintenance for a reason — try leaning into your hair’s natural texture and letting it air dry.

If you want to have some control, though, apply an anti-frizz product or a volumizer on wet hair, says Spino. “Once dry, you can use a texturizer spray or a dry shampoo to add more piecey-ness, volume, or texture.”