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The 2000s Fashion Trends Ciara Would Still Wear Today

Plus, all the details on her new Dare To Roam collection.

Ciara talks 2000s fashion trends & Dare To Roam collection
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When it comes to style, Ciara never misses a beat, whether she’s attending the Met Gala, hosting the American Music Awards, or channeling Princess Diana during a romantic Italy vacation.

The “Goodies” singer tells Bustle that her personal style is “tomboy chic,” noting that even when she gets dolled up for the red carpet, “there’s always a little edge sprinkled in somewhere.”

During quarantine, the Grammy winner gravitated toward cozy everyday essentials, especially since she spent the beginning of lockdown pregnant with her third child. As she looks back on her style evolution, she credits motherhood for leveling up her fashion choices.

“There’s this saying, ‘Think long, think wrong,’” she says. “Becoming a mother made me not think so much, because you don’t have time to think when you’re running after little ones. You’ve got 10 minutes to get your flyest look together, and that’s it.”

That on-the-go lifestyle also inspired her latest venture, Dare To Roam (DTR), a new minimalist-chic line of backpacks and functional accessories that merge fashion and technology.

“Accessories are an important part of how you express yourself in fashion,” Ciara says. “Sometimes your accessories can make or break your outfit.”

The antimicrobial, water-resistant collection features four styles — the Prodigy Backpack, the Mini Prodigy, the Keeper Lunchbox, and the Alpha Org Pouch. Priced between $22 to $98, they come in an array of colors and shades, including bright orange, neon yellow, navy blue, ivory, and black.

“Dare To Roam is for anyone who’s out there trying to get things done,” she says. “The pandemic made us all a little fearful whenever we stepped outside, but my goal is for people to feel confident again as they get back out into the world.”

To celebrate the launch, DTR is offering free monogramming for a limited time. And 3% of the sales benefit Ciara and husband Russell Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation, which fights poverty through educating and mentoring youth.

Beyond the realm of accessories, Ciara appreciates the return of Y2K-era clothing trends, which are all about colorful baby tees, tube tops, low-rise jeans, pleated skirts, and velour track suits.

OutKast was the epitome of dope Y2K fashion — a touch of drama, true self-expression, super vibrant,” she says. “I’m loving how there’s a little bit of that energy coming back now, and everyone’s a rock star in their own way.”

Similar to music, the R&B veteran views fashion — and the Y2K aesthetic — as a fun way to mark life’s special moments. “Looking at old photos, I’m reminded of how everything was happening so fast [in my career] in a good way,” she says. “I always used fashion as an opportunity to explore and make a statement.”

Here, Ciara walks Bustle through the 2000s fashion trends she still adores today — and the ones, like embellished jeans, that make her cringe.

Lingerie During The Day

J. Merritt/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“Lingerie worn in the daytime can be a timeless [look], but I don’t like how I paired it here so much because there’s a lot going on. I should have kept it simple with my bottoms.”

Camo Everything

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“Camo never gets old. I actually have some army fatigues in my closet right now. I might just go pull them out after this!”

Low-Rise Jeans

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“This is cute. All I wear is high-waisted jeans [these days], because I like how [they] treat the body, but really low-waisted was the jam back then.”

Embellished Jeans

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“I performed ‘Oh’ [with Ludacris] that night at the [2005] BET Awards. Fashion-wise, I think we’ve got a ways to go before we start embracing embellished jeans again — they’re a little too ornate.”

Furry Boots

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“I legit held onto these boots for the longest time, up until about two years ago. I should have just kept them. I would rock some funky furry boots today, but I’d wear faux fur instead.”

Vests Over Shirts

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“This look is not styled right. I would wear a vest again with a shirt, but not like this. That’s not how I would pull up at TRL today.”

Denim On Denim

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“Denim on denim is a classic, powerful look. It speaks for itself, so less is more. You have to keep it simple with the shirt you’re wearing underneath and the accessories you pair with it.”