How To Style Clip-In Bangs So They Look Natural

They’re perfect for the non-committal.

by Hilary Shepherd
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Clip in bangs are pretty easy to style and let you try a new look without getting a chop.
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If you’re toying with the idea of getting bangs — with more and more celebs getting fresh fringes, who can blame you? — but are scared of taking the plunge, consider clip-in bangs, aka the foolproof (and commitment-free) way to test-drive the trend. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, and most recently Dua Lipa sporting faux bangs on the red carpet, it’s undeniable that clip-ins are the easiest way to change your look while skipping the annoying growing-out phase that comes with real bangs. The best part? They’re so easy to use, whether you have straight, curly, or natural hair.

“Clip-in bangs work with all hair lengths and face shapes,” Christina Jones, education and product development manager at Hair U Wear (parent company of Hairdo, which makes clip-in bangs), tells Bustle. But to ensure a solid application — and a more natural look — make sure your hair is at least two inches in length, she adds. Below, Jones and Laura Polko, Aquage brand ambassador and hairstylist to Sydney Sweeney and Charli D’Amelio, share everything to know about how to apply clip-in bangs.

1. Part Your Hair In The Center

Since most clip-in bangs have a triangle base and sit on the top of the head, Jones recommends styling your hair into a center part and before clipping in the bangs. “Even if the end result is not a center-part hairstyle, having that base makes the application blending easier.” Another tip? Spray the clip-ins with a little dry shampoo before applying. “This helps remove any shine that could cause some contrast between the bangs and your own hair.” Alternatively, use a finishing spray (Polko recommends Aquage Dry Texture Finishing Spray) on the clip-in bangs so that they’ll better match the texture of your real hair.

2. Snap The Clip-Ins Into Place

Most clip-in bangs have pressure-sensitive clips that simply snap open, comb into place, and then snap closed, says Jones. (Yes, it’s that easy.) Look for a set that also includes a silicone band inside of the clip to better grip your natural hair and provide some cushion to prevent breakage.

Another tip for secure placement: Pin your natural hair back with bobby pins, suggests Polko. Then, clip the bangs into place and shake up the hair, pulling some of the natural hair over the bangs to blend. If you want, cut the bangs to the desired length to ensure the final style looks natural.

3. Blend Them In With Your Natural Hair

“My favorite bang-styling tip when you’re working with synthetic hair is to rough brush to really release the fibers,” says Jones. After brushing your hair side to side, she suggests spritzing your strands with dry shampoo and brushing through again; then, use a flat iron or curling iron to style the longer side pieces so they blend in nicely. (This is especially key if you have naturally curly locks.) “I don’t recommend doing too much to the [clip-in bangs] themselves,” she warns. “You can comb or finger-style them like a curtain bang, pushed to the side or forward.”

Polko finds that styling clip-ins as curtain bangs tends to look the most realistic, as the shape often “merges well with natural hair [texture].” To make them look as realistic as possible, she uses texturizing products and a round brush to brush hair off to either side of the part for the “textured bang effect.”

4. Remove Them In A Pinch

While clip-in bangs technically stay in until you unclip them, they’re not so comfy to sleep in. “I recommend removing clip-in pieces daily,” says Jones. “Since they take only seconds to apply, putting them on and taking them off every day is super easy.” Just open all the clips first, feel where the comb is, and slide it off. One more tip: Jones adds that it’s best to close all of the clips before storing the bangs away for next time, since this will prevent any of the hair from getting caught in the combs.

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