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23 Cornrow Ponytail Ideas To Step Up Your Hair Game In 2022

It’s the way you can throw them over your shoulder.

by Natasha Marsh
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Word to the wise: it’s time to swap your braided topknot for a cornrow ponytail. First made popular via Brandy as Moesha Mitchell, Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice, and other ‘90s Black television show stars, cascading cornrow ponytails are seeing a resurgence. Although most cornrow hairstyles are designed with a straight-back appearance from the hairline to the nape of the neck, other braids are styled off-center, at an angle, or halfway to the head like they are in cornrow ponytail styles. With box braids — braids named after the square design that the hair is sectioned into — as the base of this style, you can play around with the color, length, and size you decide to get your cornrow ponytail in.

The main goal of cornrow ponytails is to shield the hair from environmental stressors and daily maintenance, which makes it perfect for summer time. As for maintenance, to keep stress off of your edges and weak hairlines, invest in a silk hair-tie to secure your braids. And don’t forget to add hair oil to your hair care routine to prevent dryness. Interested in trying out the style this season? We’re sharing 23 amazing cornrow ponytails to pump you up for your next braiding session.

Bead Power

Liven up a classic ponytail with shorter braids in the front, accessorized with beads.

Blonde Cornrow Ponytail

Nothing against classic cornrow ponytails, but blonde is such a summer color. As a maintenance tip, be sure to wash your hair bi-weekly to remove any build-up and keep the style fresh.

Micro Reign

If you need a break from daily maintenance, box braids are definitely your answer. And these micro box braids are the perfect size for a summer cornrow ponytail.

Party Time

Summer is synonymous with vacations and more activities outside. Step out on the right foot with these cascading braids.

Naturals Do It Better

If you aren't ready to fully commit to the cornrow ponytail, why not cornrow the front of your head and let your natural texture shine in the pony.

Low-Pony It

Whether you’re out and about running errands or heading to a relaxing brunch with friends, stay styled with this sleek, low cornrow pony.

Traditions Matter

The longer the hair, the more hang time you’ll have. So go ahead, increase the drama.

Cornrow Bun

The versatility of cornrow ponytails is very similar to traditional box braids in that you can style them in any way you please. Swirl your ponytail into a bun for evenings out.

Cornrow Curl Hybrid

A little color never hurt nobody. And speaking of color, these loose, curly ends add more emphasis to the color.

Vibrancy Wins

Channel the hot girl summer energy with these purple and silver braids.

The Wrap Around

To execute, wrap a couple of braids around the base of your pony for a more exaggerated high ponytail.

Mix And Match Accessories

Update your classic cornrow ponytail with a fun scrunchie, beads, or hair accessories. Gather hair at the top of your crown and add in as much as you desire.

Headband Queen

Channel your inner Janet Jackson with these cornrow braids to the side. Hello, ‘90s.

Face-Framing Tendrils

Take a page out of the early ‘00s book and pull out two braids for a great face-framing look.

Highlights For The Win

A classic high ponytail is great but made even better with blonde highlights.

Natural Edges

Although you should be conscious of the tension braids put on your hair, we can’t stop looking at this elegant style where edges are purposely left out of a design. Embrace your natural edges.

Jumbo Hybrid

Mix and match the width of cornrow braids you put in with a combination of medium-size and jumbo-size. P.S. Silk scrunchies will help keep tension off your hair.

Everyday Braids

These are the perfect 9 to 5 and after braids. Take this cornrow ponytail style from the office to after-work drinks to brunch.

Disco Fever

When in doubt, throw in a funky-colored or tie-dye hair tie to liven up your ponytail.

Minimalist Lovers

Go for elegant simplicity with five single cornrow braids tied into a pony.

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