12 Cowboy Boot Tattoo Ideas That Are Undeniably Cute

Live your best coastal cowgirl life.

Every decade has a few standout tattoo trends that mark the era. The ’90s were a time of sun and dolphin tattoos. The early 2000s were all about tramp stamps and stars. And when we look back on the 2020s, we’ll definitely remember cowboy boot tattoos.

Cowboy boot tattoos are trending in a big way, with nearly 44 million views on TikTok. This western-style ink fits the popular coastal cowgirl aesthetic and can be spotted in small towns and major cities alike, either as a stand-alone design or as part of a postage stamp collection. Even Kendall Jenner has a teeny, tiny cowboy boot tattoo on her ankle.

According to Rebecca Joya, an independent tattoo artist based in Texas, it’s tough to pinpoint where tattoo trends come from, but she suspects that cowboy boots got their start as part of a western-themed flash sheet. “Flash sheets are a compilation of tattoo designs based on a theme,” she tells Bustle. “A lot of artists use them to promote their work, for holidays, or special events.” Apparently, everyone thought that cowboy boots were cute — and the idea stuck.

While cowboy boot tats are very ranch coded, you don’t have to be from the West to get one. “The best part about tattoos is that they can represent whatever you want them to,” Joya says. She’s had clients get them to celebrate a friend or family member, to be reminded of a childhood memory — or just for fun. Keep scrolling for 11 super cute cowboy boot tattoo ideas to use as inspiration.


Classic Outline

Cowboy boots look great as fine line tats. Case in point? This outline-style ink that works perfectly as a back-of-the-arm tattoo.



Even if your own cowboy boots are plain, that doesn’t mean your tat has to be. Adorn it with colorful florals and twinkling stars for an eye-catching pop.


Boots With A Spur

For an edgy touch, add a spur to the back of your cowboy boot tat.


Cowboy Boot With Flowers

Consider adding a bunch of flowers popping out of the top of your boot. For an extra dose of personalization, Joya suggests choosing a flower that represents a birthday. “I love to add hidden meanings like that — I think it makes the experience more special knowing something simple means even more than it appears to.”


Two Boots

Two boots are always better than one, especially when they have a mod floral motif.


Cow Print

To go heavy on the Western theme, opt for a cow print design.


Fine Line Boots

As Joya points out, there are a lot of fine-line, minimalistic, and itty-bitty cowboy boots out there. Keeping it simple is extra on-trend.



To make your cowboy boot really stand out, go for a colorful design that features bold reds, greens, and browns.


Hearts & Flowers

These cutesy boots with their hearts and flowers look like something Dolly Parton would wear.



View your cowboy boot as a canvas for additional elements, like this extra-Western design that features a cactus and crescent moon.


Botanical Boot

A bunch of roses, a handful of daisies, or a few ferns also look great peeking out of cowboy boots.


Boots & Hat

This cowboy hat and boot pairing deserves its own theme song... which would obviously be “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.