All The Emo Girlies On TikTok Are Showing Off "Crying Makeup" Looks

No tears necessary.

Crying on main — aka sharing emotional selfies on your main social feeds — has become more commonplace thanks to the likes of international supermodel Bella Hadid (who recently shared an entire photo dump of her crying into the camera) ... And just as being vulnerable and relatable online has become an essential part of the cool-girl starter pack, makeup that looks as if you just had a major cry sesh has been taking BeautyTok by storm. Tears optional.

And truly, the (surprisingly wearable) trend looks just as you may think it sounds: The main components are a big focus on red-flushed eyes and noses by way of a more matte blush, glistening lids and eyelashes that look as if they are covered in dewy tears, and softly blurred lips that are then covered in a super wet-looking gloss.

Zoe Kim Kenealy, a popular glam creator on the viral platform, says this of the fresh new trend: “This one is for the unstable girlies. You know how we look good when we cry? It just comes with the territory. But if you’re not in the mood to cry, [you can] get the look with makeup.”

And as for her crying makeup tips? She notes that curled lashes and a major glossy lip really make the entire look come together.

Along with crying makeup, the beauty trends of TikTok come seemingly by the day — with a few of the latest buzzy looks being “I’m cold” makeup, the red nail theory, sunburn blush, and comic book nail art. And while many of the more out-there trends are gone just as soon as they arrive, they still provide a whole lot of inspiration...especially for the more daring glam girls.