There's A Beauty Battle Raging On TikTok Between "Doe" & "Siren" Eyes

Which team are you on?

The doe eyes vs siren eyes makeup debate is all over BeautyTok. Megan Fox is clearly on Team Siren E...
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Eyes are undoubtedly the gateway to one’s soul, and often what people look at (and are attracted to) when they first meet. And though everyone is blessed with a unique eye shape and equally beautiful eye color — TikTok’s latest viral trend is taking over BeautyTok’s For You page, showcasing simple makeup techniques and facial expression subtleties that alter one’s natural gaze, and ultimately encourage people to embrace opposing sides of one’s personality.

Enter: The doe eye vs. siren eye comparisons (and slew of tutorials).

Doe eyes, by nature, are just as they sound. Innocent, wide-eyed, and oh so sweet — inspired by young does with their wobbly, unsure legs and impossibly circular eyes. Also referred to as Bambi eyes or doll eyes, some who naturally share this particular eye look include Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney and The Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy, to name a few.

Siren eyes, in direct comparison, are vastly different from doe eyes. With a name inspired by mythical mermaids (known as sirens, of course) that lure young sailors astray with their otherworldly lullabies, siren eyes are sharp, alluring, and filled with a sensuality that feels powerfully confident and sure. Think Bella Hadid’s piercing gaze, or perhaps Megan Fox’s show-stopping, elongated baby blues.

Doe Eyes

If your eyes happen to be more almond-shaped rather than rounded, how does one achieve this wide-eyed look with makeup?

Ana Escobar, a makeup-loving Tiktoker, shows her tips to create eyes that look more doe-like by way of bright white eyeliner along the lower lashline, upturned eyeliner that creates the illusion of roundedness, and a small shadowed wing extending from the lower lashes.

Siren Eyes

As for siren eyes, it’s all about creating that intensely long, sharpened silhouette. Danielle Marcan, a UK-based MUA and TikToker, shares an in-depth tutorial on how she transformed her naturally doe-shaped eyes.

Where doe eyes utilize white liner in the lower lashline, try lining your lower waterline with either black or dark brown for a look that’s more piercing and siren-esque. Further, Marcan focuses her efforts on her top liner, creating a long, straight wing that extends towards her temples, as well as a catlike point at her eye’s inner corners. Another one of her pro tips? Don’t pencil in your liner all the way across your lid. Instead, leave an empty gap in the middle of your eyes where your pupils appear most rounded, offsetting the curved shape.