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Sydney Sweeney’s Skin Care Routine Is A Lot Like Cassie Howard’s

The new face of LANEIGE chats facial tools, hydration, and skin care mistakes.

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In Bustle’s Pore Decisions, celebrities, influencers and Bustle’s own readers recount their personal skin journeys: the good, the bad, and everything in between. Here, Sydney Sweeney reveals the beauty hack she turns to whenever she gets a breakout.

Sydney Sweeney may play a polarizing character on Euphoria, but the star herself has emerged as America’s sweetheart: Renowned for everything from repairing vintage cars to MMA fighting to her ability to portray lovesick and divisive types on hit TV series, it seems that she and Cassie Howard couldn’t be more different. But if there’s one thing she and her character share, it’s a love of skin care (who can forget Cassie’s meticulous, multi-step “skin care spiral” scene that included everything from under-eye masks to jade rolling?).

That’s why it’s no surprise that cult skin care brand LANEIGE just announced Sweeney as the face of its new Water Bank Collection, a lineup of products featuring the skin-soothing benefits of a new proprietary ingredient — blue hyaluronic acid — and twice-fermented deep sea algae for a deeply soothing, moisturizing effect. “I’m obsessed with water and hydration and having beautiful, clean skin, and I love going makeup-free,” Sweeney says. “LANEIGE’s products allow me to be able to do that.” Ahead, Sweeney exclusively chats with Bustle about her skin care essentials, the biggest beauty lessons she’s learned, and her genius hack for treating acne.

On Her Approach To Skin Care

“Unfortunately, my skin care routine does resemble Cassie’s 4 a.m. regimen in Euphoria. The [products she uses in that scene] are all my own products — all those tools I brought from home.

I’m always slathered with moisturizing beauty products before I go to bed. At night I love it when you’re like, ‘OK, I cannot turn my head and get my products on my pillow,’ and I just have all these layers on.”

Her Go-To Skin Care Products

“I wash my face with the LANEIGE Cream Skin Milk Cleanser, and then I use the Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Serum and the Water Bank Cream Moisturizer. And I also use Vaseline — I'll use it to take off my eye makeup, and I use it under my eyes as eye cream. It’s like slugging, so I really like it. And then the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is amazing.”

On Facials

“I don't go and get facials often because I am scared of the products that they use on my face. I’ve found products that work so amazingly for me, so I don't get them. I know I probably should, but I kind of give myself my own certified Sydney Sweeney facials [laughs]. My favorite tool is my ice roller, but I love to do face masks, red light therapy masks, jade rollers, and then apply all my skin care products.”

On Her Biggest Beauty Fails

“The St. Ives Apricot Scrub was the first thing I ever used on my skin. I used to exfoliate my face way too often — way too often. I thought because I had combination skin that if I’d get it dry and scrub it all off, it would go away and I wouldn’t get pimples because my pores wouldn’t be clogged. Wrong philosophy, wrong philosophy.

Then I went and got a chemical peel once and my skin did not like that. It literally looked like I got third-degree burns. And it did not go away and I thought I’d have to fix my senior photos. Luckily by that time it went away, but it was not good.”

On Her Acne-Fighting Secret

“If I ever get a breakout, I dunk my face in a bowl of ice. I’ll literally hold my face in the bowl and it helps. And if you also take ice and just hold it [over the blemish] and spot treat, it’s helpful. But you have to be careful because your skin gets really red if you do it for too long — I’ve made that mistake and I burned my skin with ice. There’s a happy medium.”

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