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Doja Cat's 3D Mosaic Nail Design Looks Like It Could Be In A Museum

You want thingamabobs?

An artist in every sense of the word, Doja Cat is known for approaching beauty and fashion with a truly chameleonic mindset. And because of her creative, daring nature, the musician is slowly but surely being known for her total appearance-altering moments and boldly artful makeup looks (along with her music artistry, of course). Remember when she arrived to this year’s Met Gala dressed as an *actual* cat?

Especially since she shaved both her head and eyebrows late last summer, replacing the latter with some creative eyeliner looks, the musician has seemingly been pushing the limits further and further with each look. A few standouts? Well, her entire body dripping in red rhinestones was all but show-stopping during Haute Couture Week in Paris earlier this year, and her avant-garde makeup moments are a serious vibe.

Taking a quick glance at her Instagram, you’ll notice that she couldn’t care less about traditional beauty standards, instead very much adopting (and leading) the “anti-beauty” aesthetic through red contact lens-wearing, vampiric glam and the like.

In line with her more eclectic style, Doja Cat has most recently been experimenting with 3D nail designs. The mismatched, mosaic-like manicures include a clear nail polish base topped with haphazardly glued rhinestones.

Both of Doja’s 3D rhinestone nail designs — French tips and otherwise — were created by the a manicurist by the name of Saccia, otherwise known as @sacciadidthat on Instagram. And while she’s yet to reveal the exact details on where she found her diverse array of gems and rhinestones, she’s the mastermind behind much of the artist’s artistic sets.

Let’s hope that the duo continues to drop more unexpected nail art in months to come.