Doja Cat Shaved Her Head & Debuted Eyebrow Art

Her recent makeup looks are giving.

Doja Cat is no stranger to making headlines — with epic performances, fire fits, Y2K-inspired glam moments, and just a bit of drama swirling around the pop star.

And the latest jaw-dropping look to totally wow her fans and beauty lovers alike? The “Vegas” singer dropped some selfies on Instagram over the weekend sharing a new look, and took to IG Live to shave both her head and her eyebrows completely off. And she’s been using her newly blank canvas to experiment with unique brow art that is sure to inspire the more daring makeup girlies of the world.

In her candid livestream, Doja Cat shared exactly why she felt inclined to spontaneously change up her ‘do, and the answer was much simpler than you’d expect: “I just do not like to have hair.” She went on to explain how she seldom has her natural strands out, often keeping them under wigs or beanies, and why it’s especially frustrating when she’s working out — worrying more about her appearance rather than focusing on getting stronger.

It seems this total power move has been on her mind for quite some time, as she expressed: “I just can’t believe that it took me this long to be like — shave your f**king head.”

With the bleached eyebrow (also known as the invisible brow) trend taking on a life of its own on TikTok, high fashion runways, and beyond, Doja Cat just might be onto something ... More and more of the bold, fashion forward trendsetters will be opting for elaborately whimsical and colorfully detailed eyebrow art in lieu of natural looks as summer turns to fall.