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Doja Cat's Vampire Makeup Epitomizes The "Anti-Beauty" Aesthetic

It’s giving Twilight.

A true chameleon who approaches beauty and fashion with an unbridled fearlessness, Doja Cat is all but known for her total appearance-altering moments and boldly artful makeup looks (along with her music artistry, of course). I mean, remember when she arrived to this year’s Met Gala dressed as an *actual* cat?

Especially since she shaved both her head and eyebrows late last summer, replacing the latter with some creative eyeliner looks, the musician has seemingly been pushing the limits further and further with each look. A few standouts? Well, her entire body dripping in red rhinestones was all but show-stopping during Haute Couture Week in Paris earlier this year, and her avant-garde makeup moments are a serious vibe.

As for her most recent look, the Attention singer continued to push forth the “anti-beauty” beauty trend, transforming herself into a modern vampiric muse — with a whole lot of on-trend red hues, too. Leaving out any blush or underpainting that adds some life to the complexion, Doja’s skin is all one shade. What’s more, her lower lashline and lips are shaded with a vibrant scarlet pigment, with eye contacts of the same color. Replacing her bleached blonde cropped hair, Doja paired the look with some sleek inches to finish off the unique vibe.

Yanni Peña, an NYC-based makeup pro whose work can be spotted all over fashion runways, recently explained to Bustle what the “anti-beauty” trend entails: “Embracing imperfections, this trend features skinny or no eyebrows, smudged and lived-in makeup, heavy mascara, color contacts, and everything else that goes against beauty norms. [It’s all about using] makeup as a tool to evoke a mood you’re feeling inside and express your creativity.”

Clearly, Doja is a proponent of all things “anti-beauty” and is continuing to push the boundaries with each and every new look.