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Doja Cat’s Thong Leotard & Blazer Look Is Surprisingly Sophisticated

Albeit totally NSFW.

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When you think of celebrities who have mastered the art of naked dressing, Doja Cat likely leaps to mind immediately. The singer has never shied away from a revealing look — just the other day, for instance, she unabashedly wore a completely transparent latex outfit for the London stop on her European tour.

It doesn’t look like the Grammy-winning artist has plans of reigning it in any time soon. And thank goodness for that: The unexpected nature of the star’s style is precisely what makes it so appealing. You never know what Doja will wear next and that’s just part of the appeal. Her latest surprise? A nude bodysuit with a thong back and a blazer — nothing else.

Doja’s Butt-Baring Leotard

Doja shared a carousel of photos posing while wearing a nude sleeveless bodysuit with a thong back for a scandalously cheeky moment. To balance things out, she paired a long oversized blazer in a similar beige hue over her arms. It added a nice structure to the pantless look.

Underneath her onesie, the singer layered a pair of sheer-as-can-be taupe tights that very clearly showed off her legs (and her behind) and slipped into pair of sleek black slingback kitten heels.

For her hair, Doja pulled her brunette style bang look in an updo loosely held together by a pencil. She also posed on the ground with her legs up the wall (maybe part of her daily wellness routine?), with a pencil in the foreground. Doja captioned her Instagram post with a paperclip as a nod to her office-themed shoot. Ironically, this outfit was the complete opposite of something one could wear to the office. Maybe that’s the point?

The “Kiss Me More” singer wore a pair of small ’90s style rectangular black eyeglasses that added to the whole sultry secretary vibe.

The whole shoot was reminiscent of Beyoncé’s recent thong moments. And if two of the most popular musicians in the world are rocking this cheek-friendly silhouette... I’m beginning to sense a trend forming. I’ll be on the look out to see if any other celebrities decide to bare it all.

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