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Beyoncé Just Gave 2017’s “Groutfit” The Thong Treatment


Beyoncé has the sartorial Midas touch. Apart from her unique ability to catapult a simple color or accessory into massive, near-ubiquitous trends, she can also resurrect them from fashion oblivion.

For example, she recently revived a Pinterest-era trend we haven’t seen since 2017: the “groutfit.” Back then, looks were awash in gray-on-gray shades and, like most trends of the 2010s (chevron, skinny jeans, etc.), groutfits have since landed in cheugy-ville.

Fashion girls know that once Gen Zers brand something cheugy, reinstating it takes nothing short of a miracle — that or Beyoncé.

Beyoncé’s Cheeky “Groutfit”

For the past year, Beyoncé has taken to rocking the sparkliest ’fits — often featuring high-shine fabrics or crystal embellishments. However, on Sunday, May 5, she kept her color palette uncharacteristic subdued, in matte shades of gray.

Naturally, her groutfit was utterly chic. She wore a Heather gray bodysuit and paired it with a matching fur coat — her go-to “mob wife” outerwear.

Western staples — a requirement of her Cowboy Carter-era looks — came in the form of dark gray leather chaps and a matching felt hat. Bey has been partial to assless bottoms in recent months, rocking them everywhere from her album materials to magazine shoots. This was just her latest, cheekiest take (more on that ahead).

A Cheeky Surprise

Thanks to Queen Bey, the groutfit will now likely lose its cheugy label for good — to be replaced by another: risqué. Demonstrating country girl style can be spicy, she showed off a cheeky thong.

Her All-Ameriican Nails

As a Virgo queen, Beyoncé knows no detail is too small — especially, when embracing an aesthetic. So the "Ameriican Requiem" singer extended the theme to her nails, with star-spangled nail art inspired by the US flag.

A cowgirl queen.