14 Summer 2023 Makeup Trends That'll Take Your Looks To The Next Level

It’s all about the glow.

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Days are getting longer, hemlines are getting shorter, heavy layers are lightening up, and just the same — makeup looks are getting a whole lot more minimal and dewy as it slowly but surely nears sweet summertime.

Though a few of this year’s springtime beauty trends are admittedly similar (spoiler: Mary Phillips’ underpainting technique she uses on Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber is *still* having its main character moment), summer 2023 is all about amping up the glow by any means necessary. And to get that lit from within vibe that the pros are sure will be major during the hottest months, more importance is being put on lathering on the juicy skin care so that lighter layers of coverage are needed.

What’s more, unexpected hues like bold, universal reds that are most often associated with the holiday season are sure to pop up, with the vibrancy of a bright lip or even a colorful eyeliner moment looking all things dreamy and luxe — especially when paired with a sun-kissed complexion.

In need of a bit of inspiration as you refill your makeup bags ahead of any hot plans? Here are 14 summer makeup trends that the industry experts agree will be everything in the coming months.


Coral Kisses

Scarlett Johansson arrived on the 2023 Cannes red carpet with a vibrant coral-hued lip — and Elizabeth Seropian, a makeup artist who has worked with Noah Cyrus and Stassie Karanikolaou, admits that the striking look is a major green flag for summer ’23: “Pops of color on the lips are back, [and] a fresh dewy look with peach or coral on the lips can help you stay on-trend and embrace the summer season.”


A Summer Flush

The winter months were defined by “I’m cold” glam moments. And Judi Gabbay, a NY-based celebrity makeup artist who has worked with the likes of Bebe Rexha and Madison Beer, told Bustle that a summertime version of the TikTok trend will be major: “A fusion of cloud skin and super flirtatious cheeks fused into the center of the face (and almost into the under eye) will be huge this summer. Think ‘cold girl’ makeup, but more sun kissed and bronzy, with glazed highlight skin for freshness.”

As for her pro tips on recreating the flushed glam? She notes: “Take your favorite cream blush on the tops of cheekbones and slightly under the outer part of the under eye, blending with a wet sponge into concealer. Set with a loose pink undertone powder such as Huda Beauty’s Easy Bake Loose Baking Powder in Cherry Blossom [or Cupcake] for an all-day wear and a youthful flush of color.”


Subtle Siren Eyes

Sensual siren eyes are everything at the moment — and Gabbay has a feeling the looks will be giving more subtle vibes for summer. “Using lighter taupes and browns to create the look, eyes [will be] neutral and naturally sexy,” she says. “My favorite trick is using a felt-tipped brow pen for this look as a fool-proof liner — and the pen also doubles as a freckle pen, too.”


Gilded Skin

J Guerra — a makeup artist who has glammed the likes of Anna Kendrick — says this of the radiant trend to watch: “Get ready to glow from head to toe this summer, as radiant bodies take center stage. A new era of beauty is emerging, giving skin a glazed finish and an ultra-luminous glow.”

As for applying the glowing body makeup? He says: “Tools like body-sized beauty sponges and dense kabuki brushes [can be used] for ‘buffing’ these products onto the skin for a polished shine.”


Low-Maintenance Brows

When it comes to eyebrows, summer calls for that “less is more” vibe. Seropian explains: “The ‘natural brow’ look is back. Embrace the beauty of your natural brows by keeping them softly groomed and filled in with a lightweight brow gel or pencil for a more effortless and relaxed look.”


Peachy Pinched Cheeks

On the heels of Sofia Richie’s romantic wedding on the Southern coast of France, beauty lovers on TikTok and beyond have simply fallen for peachy shades of blush in lieu of vivid pinks. What’s more? The warmer color is as universally flattering as it gets.


Dreamy Pastel Eyelids

Into a bit of color on the eyes? “Explore the soft and dreamy world of pastel eyeshadows, including shades like lavender, mint, or baby blue, to create ethereal and romantic eye looks that are perfect for the summer season,” Seropian says.


Dew You

Yanni Peña, a NYC-based makeup pro whose work can be spotted all over runways, admits you can’t go wrong with an ultra-dewy complexion: “Summer is the season of minimal makeup and shimmery, glowing, and dewy skin. To enhance the dewiness on your skin, use a balm highlighter on the high points of the face, or warm up some facial oil in the palm of your hands and gently press [the product] into your skin.”


Underpainting Goals

ICYMI: Mary Phillips recently revealed her contour hack she uses on Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, and several makeup pros agreed that it will reign the summer months. Gabbay shares: “Hailey Bieber’s ‘no makeup’ makeup will be huge this summer, which as we all know, takes a bit of time and product to make look natural.”

Carly Giglio, bareMinerals’ Global Makeup Artist and Brand Educator, adds: “This classic trend popped back up and took over! It gives an effortless effect without looking overdone.”

And Eddie Duyos, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Global Makeup Artist and Brand Educator, shares a quick tip for that model-esque dimension: “With the rise of the underpainting and reverse contouring trends, we will continue to see a strong focus of creating soft-sculpting effects using cream foundation palettes and products to achieve this look. The HD Skin All-In-One Face Palettes are the perfect pair to create diffused dimension.”


Mermaidcore Moments

With Halle Bailey’s The Little Mermaid hitting theaters and beach days ahead — all things mermaidcore are taking over. Duyos expects the trend to have an impact on summertime beauty looks, too: “In line with the glowy skin trend, eyes are also showing pops of holographic shimmer to create the mermaid-like effect for a captivating wet look.”

Peña shares an artistry tip he’s used backstage on the runway: “Mixing pigments or glitter with a mixing medium is a useful makeup hack to create a new product or formula. Lately, people have been embracing this technique by mixing a little bit of eyeshadow with lip gloss to create unique lip colors.”


Unexpected Red

Craving a bit of color? Peña says: “This trend is all about incorporating pops of color into your makeup look. Whether it’s red lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow — red is a fun and versatile color that can be pulled off by many.”


Radiant Blush

It’s clear that the blush trends are here to stay — and Giglio foresees radiant finishes overpowering matte formulas come summer: “A flush on the cheeks symbolizes health – but take it a step further with added glow. Reach for a radiant or creamy blush, and if you’re feeling extra glossy, layer on a luminous highlighter.”

Duyos agrees, adding: “This summer, glossy and blushed cheeks are coming in hot. Creating the perfect shine and flush is all about strategic placement. Using your lipstick to add a bold pop of color right in the center of the cheeks [with facial oil on top] will definitely be the hot trend for this summer and give you that healthy glow.”


Health-First Skin

ICYWW: Healthy skin is *in.* And Giglio is all about layering the hydrating skin care, prioritizing light layers: “[The summer heat is] an opportunity to wear fresh, barely-there complexion products. Opt for lighter formulas and thinner layers of makeup.”

Guerra completely agrees, adding his expertise: “Summer 2023 promises to be a transformative season for skincare, as the industry expands its focus beyond the face. With a renewed emphasis on healthy, hydrated, and glowing bodies, we can expect to see body care products that deliver exfoliating, repairing, protective, and even anti-aging benefits. Powerful ingredients like retinols, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C will be making special appearances in skincare products formulated for the entire body.”


Pastel Lashlines

For minimal makeup moments and beyond, TikTokers and beauty-loving babes alike are reaching for a pop of pastel eyeliner along their lower waterlines. Hello, effortless pops of yellow, lavender, mint, and baby blue to complement your eye color.

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