These ‘Dopamine Dressing’ Looks Are Like An Instant Mood Boost

Shop these colorful cool-weather clothes for a little extra pep in your step.

by Samantha Costantino
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Consider dopamine dressing as essential to your mood and energy level as your morning latte. The term, which has been steadily growing in popularity, refers to the act of dressing in a way that brings you joy — usually in outfits that feature bursts of color and plenty of whimsical details. The idea isn’t really new (studies have previously shown that clothing and the way we dress can have an effect on our mood and behavior), but in the midst of those lingering (and freezing) weeks of winter, most could use the mood boost now more than ever.

If your closet is full of neutrals, blacks, and grays, giving it an injection of some saturated shades might benefit both your spirit and wardrobe. And don’t believe for a second that bright hues are strictly assigned to the spring and summer months. Truly, there’s plenty of color to go around for year-round dopamine dressing.

Whether you wish to experiment with color-blocking or opt for a head-to-toe monochromatic lewk, there’s more than one way to incorporate the colors of the rainbow into your closet, and it’s about time you’ve welcomed a splash of color into that sea of beige.

Scroll below to shop five colorful winter outfit ideas and relish in those vibrant vibes.

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Coordinated Color-Blocking

Winter makes color-blocking all the more fun: The more layers to wear, the more colors to be had. To color-block successfully, go for complimenting hues that share the same undertones. For example, pair a cool green and a cool blue together, rather than a warm green and a cool blue.

As a finishing touch, ground your look with a neutral accessory — and, yes, as far as dopamine dressing is concerned, animal print can be considered a neutral!

F Is For Fun (And Fuchsia)

Channel your inner Elle Woods with full-on fuchsia. Pair some open-toed mules with colored tights to make them more winter-friendly, throw in (yet another) pop of color with a bright bag, and you’re all set to conquer Harvard Law — or your next Zoom meeting.

Vibrant Weekend Wear

Colorful dressing is to be embraced every day of the week. Keep cozy with a warm knit in your favorite shade, a pair of oversized denim, and a handbag in an additional highlighter hue. Don’t forget a standout sneaker for both comfort and whimsy.

Rain(bow) In Style

Want to really embrace colorful dressing? Take note from our friend Roy G. Biv and wrap yourself in all the colors of the rainbow. Accessorize with white lugsole footwear to attain a balance of color and a juxtaposition of statement meets casual. Believe me when I say this is one look that is sure to brighten your day.

A Monochromatic Moment

Electric blue is a stimulating shade that makes for the perfect monochromatic moment. A coordinating suit set will have you feeling bold, whether you’ve returned to the office or are headed to a fancy dinner. Complete the look with an orange handbag: Since the shades are direct opposites on the color wheel, it totally works.

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