Bring Back Jelly Bracelets, You Cowards

Emo kids, we ride at dawn.

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At this point, nearly every early 2000s trend has been brought back tenfold. Katie Holmes just wore flare jeans under a mini dress, Megan Fox sports furry bucket hats almost daily, and Bella Hadid is obsessed with leg warmers. But there’s one nostalgic look that has yet to hit the red carpet: jelly bracelets.

For anyone who once identified as emo, scene, punk, or any combination thereof, jelly bracelets were a pivotal part of the wardrobe (along with studded belts, which also deserve a revival, TBH). Popularized by grunge princess Avril Lavigne, the plastic bracelets came in every color imaginable: neons and jewel tones, clear with glitter, and, my personal favorite, black.

Whether you bought them at Claire’s or Hot Topic, a wristful of these babies made you feel equal parts cool and rebellious — like the Troubled Kid in class, even if you weren’t. And though the early aughts resurgence has brought back the rest of Lavigne’s signature look (neck ties, white tanks, cargo pants, etc.), jelly bracelets have inexplicably been left behind.

So, in the year 2023, my resolution is to revive this once-beloved emo kid trend. I pledge to use every ounce of influence I possess — starting with this article — to bring them back into the fashion zeitgeist. And I won’t rest until I do.

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