Art Deco & 5 Other Engagement Ring Trends To Know In 2022

Unique styles are having a moment.

See 6 engagement ring trends in 2022, from two-stone to art deco.
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Though an engagement ring is more than just a passing fad, every year brings with it a slightly changing list of trends. It’s not as transient as, say, the popular coats of the moment, but there are certain engagement ring styles that rise and fall all the same. They wax and wane in popularity due to several factors, from celebrity and royal engagements to ready-to-wear influences. As such, the 2022 engagement ring trends run the gamut from two-stone rings (a trend given new life by people like Ariana Grande) to vintage styles, in line with the greater ready-to-wear shift toward sustainability.

Indeed many will be shopping for deco-inspired emerald-cut diamonds, sustainable and unique vintage styles, and two-stone rings that, while they seem quite modern, are actually inspired by everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Empress Josephine.

For 2022, people are looking towards engagements like those of Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, Lily Collins, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Middleton, and more when it comes to choosing both their stone type, cut, and setting.

Whether you’re getting engaged or looking to re-set your existing stone, read on for 2022 engagement ring trends you might be inspired to embrace this year.

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Vintage Engagement Ring Trend

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No matter what your style or stone preference, vintage rings continue to stand as one of the most popular 2022 engagement trends. It’s a trend that celebrities from Kate Middleton to Olivia Wilde have embraced.

A vintage engagement ring is not only unique, but it’s also one of the most sustainable ways to shop since it limits new production and waste.

What’s more, the craftsmanship of many jewelry periods are largely unmatched today, so it's a great way to find that special ring that you’ll be in awe of forever.

Bold & Chunky Engagement Ring Trend

An engagement ring doesn’t have to be all about the stone; more and more, people are putting gold settings at the forefront. True gypsy rings allow for a heftier statement piece overall, while some are simply opting for rings with shanks that have been crafted of a slightly heavier metal.

Celebrities including Jenny Mollen have even made the choice to use jewelers like Brent Neale to re-set their existing stones in a chunkier gypsy setting. Consider this the addition of less dainty everyday jewelry that has completely infiltrated the engagement ring market.

Two-Stone Engagement Ring Trend

The dual-stone ring trend is on the rise when it comes to 2022 engagement rings. You might not think of the style as timeless, but historic icons from Jackie Kennedy to Empress Josephine chose a two-stone ring in their days.

Some, like Ariana Grande, have opted for two different kinds of stones (hers are a diamond and a pearl) while others, like Emily Ratajkowski, rock two diamonds of different cuts (one pear and one square-cut). And more still choose two identical stones that simply sit side-by-side.

Rose & Portrait Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Trend

When it comes to a diamond cut, some have more depth, while others are flatter and spread the carat weight out to resemble a larger stone. Though there are definite pros and cons to the choice, a flatter cut stone, like a rose or portrait cut diamond, are on the rise in 2022.

Lily Collins was recently wed wearing an Irene Newirth rose cut diamond, which is cut to resemble the flower with facets opening outward. The result is a slightly more sheer stone that is often set in a metal bezel as opposed to a prong.

If you want to go even cleaner and flatter than Collins, consider a portrait cut, which is so pared down that it almost resembles a small pane of glass.

Oval-Shaped Stone Engagement Ring Trend

Kourtney Kardashian wears an oval shape engagement ring.

Harkening from the 2000s, this trend is on the rise, in no small part due to Kourtney Kardashian’s Irene Newirth oval-cut diamond engagement ring from Travis Baker. Set on a clean shank, it’s a look that Hailey Bieber also popularized upon her engagement a few years ago to Justin Bieber.

With the return of low-slung jeans, velour sweatsuits, platform sneakers, and more, it seems only natural that engagement ring trends are getting in on the early-aughts action with this simple yet head-turning trend.

Deco Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Trend

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Though emerald cut diamonds have long been a classic, they’re more popular than ever this coming year, beloved by stars like Beyoncé and Paris Hilton. The modern style will forever be a timeless look — for engagement rings and beyond.