Eyebrow Stamps Are Trending, So I Tried The Brow Trio Stencil Kit

Is the trendy tool all hype?

Eyebrow stamps are viral on TikTok. Here, a review of The Brow Trio Ultimate Brow Stencil Kit.

From extensive multi-step routines, to the recent surge of TikTokers using virtual filters to aid in filling in their eyebrows — it’s no surprise that beauty lovers are on the constant hunt for fool-proof brow hacks. Whether you are into the ultra-thin, Pamela Anderson-inspired ’90s brow, love accentuating a sensually high arch à la Angelina Jolie, or prefer a fuller, more natural soap brow look, it’s clear that one’s brow routine is surprisingly personal.

Much like (what seems like) the rest of the world, I too find that I am quite particular when it comes to my eyebrows — which is why before even getting my hands on the buzzy products, brow stencils and stamps seemed like an unnecessary tool that only further complicated (rather than simplified) the go-to routine I feel so comfortable with and seldom switch up.

Upon trying eyebrow stamps for the first time (in particular, The Brow Trio’s Ultimate Brow Stencil Kit), I’ll be honest — I wasn’t expecting much. My initial concerns were the following: Will the stencil match my brow shape? Will the pomade create harsh, boldly pigmented lines on my brows? Will I have to go in with my usual brow products to fix any errors from the stencil? And most importantly, will the result be natural?

The Brow Trio Ultimate Brow Stencil Kit

The Brow Trio comes equipped with 12 varying stencils (personally, I found that ‘High Arch L’ worked best for me), a dual-ended stamp and spoolie, as well as a pot of brow pomade. With 9 different hues, including the ever-evasive almost black shade called Ebony, I went in with Medium Brown using the soft sponge tip. Taking time to align the stencil, I went in carefully at first, patting down pigment with a slow, conservative hand. To my surprise, the formula was buildable, so I kept on sponging away and filling in the stencil (making sure to add a bit less towards the front of my brows).

Nervously, I removed the stencil and was shocked to see an even, perfectly arched brow that didn’t look all that different from my everyday look. With a quick brush through, I moved onto the next brow with a little more confidence.

While there is most definitely a learning curve when it comes to using eyebrow stencils, I must say — the results are pretty impressive. As a foundation-before-brow kinda girl, I learned quickly that it is important to have a light touch when pressing the stencil against your skin. My first try, I moved my foundation around quite a bit (though it was relatively easy to buff and blend the mishap away). Other than that, those with bigger, more statement-making brows may find that the stencils don’t seem large enough. Further, I didn’t notice a super-straight, Audrey Hepburn-esque brow stencil for those who prefer that particular look.

Overall? The Brow Trio Stencil Kit does exactly what it says it will do. With a few stamps from the ultra-plush sponge-tipped brush, it’s quite easy to achieve natural brows that are even and truly twins (not cousins). While I’m interested in perfecting the technique and trying it a few more times, I can’t confidently say that I’m ready to break-up with my tried and true brow routine just yet.

If you’re not happy with your current brows or have trouble creating the perfect shape, however, you may want to give the trendy tool a try.