The 9 Most Brilliant Eyebrow Hacks On TikTok

Achieve that full and fluffy caterpillar look.

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The best eyebrow hacks on TikTok.
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As you already know, TikTok is filled with brilliant makeup hacks, and you can find one for every part of your beauty routine imaginable. If you're looking for ways to level up your brow game in particular, there are plenty of tricks to pull inspo from. From ways to achieve even arches to a brow hack that involves an eyelash curler, beauty influencers and makeup artists alike have showcased some pretty genius skills on the video-sharing app.

As any beauty aficionado knows, one wrong move of a brow gel or a too-heavy sweep of your pencil can wreck your entire look, making you have to start over. Filling in your brows isn’t easy. But the eyebrow hacks on TikTok have got your arch-grooming game covered. To help, Bustle has rounded up the most creative tips from creators like Desi Perkins, Krislyn Kuhn, Isabelle Lux, and more so you can level up your beauty routine.

From eyebrow mapping to outlining and using pomades, keep scrolling for a roundup of nine brow hacks from makeup-loving TikTokers that’ll have your arches looking totally full, fluffy, and on-point in no time. Be prepared to take some notes.


Frame With Hair, Not Pencil

Creator Isabella Lux has shared a way to achieve a more natural look: Simply frame your brows with your own hairs instead of a pencil. First, bend your spoolie, dip it into your pomade for a bit of product, then brush your eyebrow hairs up. Then, instead of using a pencil to frame the bottom of the brow, use the tip of your spoolie to create a line with the bottom hairs, and fill in above that line.


Use A Stencil To Keep Things Even

To ensure your brows look more like sisters than distant cousins, Perkins’ says to use the edge of an eyebrow stencil. This way, you can make sure they’re even and lined up with one another. After that, deposit a bit of powder at the front to give yourself a guide. Then, using the actual stencil, fill in your brows with powder, and use your favorite pencil to fill in any gaps and darken.


Tape Can Also Help

No stencil on hand? No worries. This TikTok user shows how to frame your brow with tape. From there, use your finger to swipe on a bit of powder for definition. Remove the tape, then that’s it — you’re done.


Use Highlighter To Make Your Brows Pop

Once you’ve finished defining your eyebrows, makeup artist Logan Gabrielle suggests using a small brush to apply your favorite highlighter underneath the arch for a subtle pop (remember that a little goes a long way!).


Eyelash Curlers Can Double As A Stencil

Another way to keep your arches even? Kuhn uses the top and side of an eyelash curler to guide her eyebrow pencil in this super clever hack.


Use Eyeshadow & Micellar Water

For this hack, you’ll just need an eyeshadow shade that matches your brow hair and some micellar water. Creator SlayByJess uses a brush to tap the shadow to her brow for definition. She then goes in with micellar water and a cotton swab to clean up the edges to create the perfect, natural-looking shape.


Connect The Dots

This TikToker uses dots as an eyebrow shaping guide. First, she creates a series of dots along the top and bottom of the eyebrow with a pencil, then connects them to create an outline before filling them in. Finish the look by brushing the hairs up with a spoolie and you’re good to go.


Fluff With A Toothbrush

You don’t need a spoolie in order to achieve that laminated fluffed-up look. TikTok user Serena Lakkiss demonstrates how a toothbrush is just as useful as a brow-grooming tool. Simply dip it into your favorite pomade and go on brushing.


Backcomb Your Brows

For a super-quick zhuzh, this TikToker recommends using your brow gel to backcomb your brow hairs. This results in a full, voluminous look. You can also use the end of your gel spoolie to build up the end of your arches if you want them to appear thicker.

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