There's Never Been A Better Time To Go Ahead & Get Bangs

Experts predict they'll be among fall's most popular hairstyles.

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Zoë Kravitz posing on the red carpet with a pixie cut, cat eye, and a bold red lip.
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Temperatures may not have dropped quite yet, but fall is a-coming. You may have already gotten your first pumpkin spice latte and invested in burgundy lip a la RiRi herself, but don't leave fall 2020 hair trends off your autumn to-do list.

With every season, your wardrobe transitions — and so, too, can your beauty game. From new nail polish colors to eyeshadow trends, you can channel cozy fall vibes in every part of your look. For those wanting to try something different with their hair, the season offers tons of options — and some don't even require grabbing a pair of scissors.

Bustle reached out to experts Frederic Fekkai of Fekkai brands, Paul Mitchell's Paula Peralta, Nine Zero One stylist Sierra Kener, celebrity hairstylists Derricka Traylor and Kim Kimble, and Trademark Beauty co-founder Joseph Maine to get the lowdown on the hairstyles people will be rocking as the weather starts to cool and the sweaters start to come out.

From multiple bangs styles to low-maintenance cuts to easy-to-achieve updos, if you're looking to make a change — be it drastic or something that you can switch up daily — read on to see more of fall 2020's biggest hairstyle trends.



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According to Fekkai, bobs — particularly shorter lengths — will be popular going into the fall. He says people aren't as concerned about having longer hair to style blowouts or updos, so now is the time to try something different. "Short hair is freer — it’s chic and has more movement," he says.

To get the style, Fekkai says photos are your friend. "The most important thing is to use tools like Pinterest and Instagram to gather inspiration to show your stylist before your hair appointment," he says. "Then, they can take a look at the health, color, and length of the hair and decide how to create the perfect short cut."


Pixie Cuts

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Annagjid "Kee" Taylor, celebrity hairstylist and author of All Hair Is Good Hair, sees short cuts like pixies for fall 2020. "People are going to want a fresh start and will be ready for a dramatic change," Taylor tells Bustle.

To get the perfect cut, she recommends talking to your stylist to determine which pixie style works best for your face shape.


Baby Bangs

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Bangs aren't just bangs. Certain styles come and go (remember the long, side-swept bangs of the aughts?), and for fall 2020, expect to see baby bangs rise in popularity. "[Baby bangs] are just the right amount of change that people are craving when the seasons change," Kener tells Bustle. "It’s easy to toss up your hair and keep your little baby bang pieces down to spice it up."

To get the look, Kener says, "Have your stylist part a triangle section at the top of your hairline — grabbing from the left and right sides — pull [the hair] in front of your face, and cut to the desired length you want your baby bangs. From there you can part, then slide down each side, blending them with the rest of your hair."


Long Layers

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Meghan Markle is practically the spokesperson for one of fall's biggest trends: long layers. Maine says long layers of all kinds will be popular for fall because they don't require much maintenance. For those looking to try something more inventive, he tells Bustle, "Shaggy layered looks ... will offer style without the need for constant upkeep."

Traylor adds that the style is good for all hair types. "This style will be trendy because you can add length to your hair yet have a sexy cut," she says.


Top Knots

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Fall 2020 isn't just about cuts, and Peralta doesn't see easy, quick styles like top knots going anywhere anytime soon. "We’ve got to be camera ready for those last-minute virtual meetings," she says. "More and more of the DIY hair trends are shaped by our safe, at-home lifestyle." For her, top knots "still reign and work for most hair types."


Long Lengths

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While some are calling for a return for shorter styles like classic bobs, Kimble sees longer hair becoming popular with fall approaching. "We’ll also see a lot of longer lengths — mid-length bobs and longer layers," she says. "These are much easier to grow out if you can’t get into a salon regularly."


Hair Accessories

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Peralta predicts that "front-facing" styles — ones that keep interest near the face — will be popular as well as hair accessories to help disguise moments when you haven't had time to give yourself a full-on blowout.

Peralta recommends trying styles like a clip-in ponytail or a hairpiece like clip-in bangs if you want to experiment with something fun and easy. Don’t have time to shampoo and your hair isn’t cooperating? "Consider using a scarf as a hair accessory," she says.


Blunt Cuts

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Blunt cuts have been popular for a while now — think of all those blunt bob wigs Kim Kardashian wears — but according to Maine, the style will be popular no matter what your length is. Maine adds that the look is easy to maintain — a common theme with most 2020 trends. With its blunt ends, any cut will grow out evenly, causing little need for continuous salon visits. (Plus, they're incredibly chic.)


Sleek Side Parts

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Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimmons sees sleek, chic side parts being popular for fall 2020. He tells Bustle that many people have grown out extra length over summer and will be looking for a new way to style their hair. "A simple, sleek side part will do the trick," he says. "Celebs like Khloe and Kylie have been sporting the look lately, but you can make it your own by adding a French braid or rhinestone accessories to one side."


Curtain Bangs

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Although baby bangs are a trend, they're not the only bangs style you can expect to be popular heading into cooler weather. Peralta says curtain bangs work well for those who want to change their hair without lopping off several inches or switching up their color. The style is already popular among celebrities with stars like Hilary Duff, Dakota Johnson, and Ciara all having rocked the look.

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