You Heard It Here First

Meet Foreverist, The Skin Care Brand That Keeps Tattoos Looking Fresh

Tattoo care just got a whole lot better.

Foreverist is a new skin care brand for tattoo after care & more.


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You Heard It Here First
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In You Heard It Here First, Bustle's editors introduce the coolest up-and-coming beauty brands you should have on your radar. Here, Nice Tattoo Parlor owner Robert Boyle opens up about the creation of his own line, the importance of making his tattoo parlor a safe space for everyone, and the best tattoo care tips.

There’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to tattoo care. But few products are truly created with freshly inked skin in mind — until now. Meet Foreverist, the new brand bridging the disconnect between skin care and tattoo care.

“I feel strongly that there is a deep symbiosis between the skin care [and] beauty industry and the tattoo industry, and over time it will get more and more nuanced instead of just slapping ‘tattoo care’ on products that don’t really help tattoos very much,” Robert Boyle, founder of Foreverist, tells Bustle. “I’m very hopeful.”

As the owner of Nice Tattoo Parlor in Williamsburg, Boyle has seen it all when it comes to tattoo care misconceptions and products that promise to keep tattoos looking fresh but don’t deliver results. The biggest misconception, he says, when it comes to tattoo care is that skin care isn’t seen as part of it. (A close second is ointments — i.e. snake oil — that claim to “renew” your ink. He says all they really do is temporarily make your skin look shiny).

This inspired him to create Foreverist, in hopes of helping people feel more confident when getting tattoos. “I encountered so many people who didn’t feel welcomed into the culture, and who felt unsure about how to take care of their tattoos,” he says. “I felt like if there were a skin care brand that these people could turn to and trust that each product was designed for tattoo care, that it could really help them.”


The collection, which launched in early August 2022, is made of three core products: the Healing Cream, the Hydrating Cream, and the Brightening Day Protection Sunscreen. Boyle explains that each product covers the major stages of tattoo aftercare. The immediate post-tattoo stage is where skin needs help healing the most, then it moves into the stage where it needs to stay hydrated. Lastly, there’s the post-healing stage when it’s important to take care of the skin, in general, to make sure your tattoo thrives.

Other helpful tips, he says, apart from having the proper skin care regimen during the healing and post-healing stages, include reducing any friction against your new ink while it heals and using SPF every single day.

“We believe tattoo care is skin care, and the only real way to keep your tattoo looking good long-term is to take care of your skin,” he says.

He hopes that consumers feel seen with Foreverist, that they see a brand that will help welcome them into the world of tattoos whether they have zero or are tatted all over. “They are welcome to be a part of our group; we’ve saved them a seat at the tattoo table in the cafeteria,” he says. “If even a hundred people who wouldn’t have gotten a tattoo because they found the after-care process overwhelming can use our line and feel confident because we’ve given them the information and products they need to prepare for it and take care of it, that would just be amazing.”

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