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9 Friends Guy Outfits That Defined '90s Style

V-neck shirts, leather blazers, and more.

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See the guy outfits from 'Friends' that epitomize '90s fashion, from layered tees and dad jeans to v...
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Between the six characters on Friends, nearly every single element of ‘90s fashion was represented. Yes Rachel’s slip dresses and Phoebe’s chokers were emblematic of the decade, but the guys held their own when it comes to nineties styles, too.

Seriously, if you can get past the overalls and Canadian tuxedos that Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe wore with ease, you’ll find the male characters were also masters of ‘90s dressing. Ross, Chandler, and Joey wore some of the most iconic trends of the decade — and they don’t get the same credit as the ladies for popularizing them.

Between Joey’s affinity for turtlenecks and Dad jeans, Chandler’s sweater vests and layered looks, and Ross’ love of V-neck sweaters and leather pants, the show brought all the best of ‘90s mens style to the screen.

The greatest part? So many of the trends they embraced on the show are coming back — and they are gender inclusive. Pair a baggier version of Ross’ famous leather pants with a knit crop top; Chandler’s sweater vest over a baby tee; or Joey’s turtleneck with a slip dress; and you’ll be perfectly on-trend today.

From layered tees and dad jeans to V-necks and leather looks, find all the best guys outfits from Friends ahead.

Chandler’s Layered Tees

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Why wear one top when you can wear multiples? Chandler rocked this off-duty trend on the regular throughout the ‘90s, layering long-sleeves under short, tees under button-downs, and more.

Chandler’s Sweater Vests

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With a sweater, you totally lose the look of the layers underneath. But with a sweater vest? Well, then your cool denim button-down is still on full-view for the world to see.

Joey’s Leather Blazer

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Joey was a huge fan of the leather jacket throughout the Friends 10-year tenure, but it was the early years, in the mid-‘90s, that he grabbed the bull by its horns and tried out the leather blazer look.

Joey’s Turtlenecks

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One of the major “dressed-up” trends of the ‘90s was a turtleneck — and Joey was a devoted fan of the look. With a pair of slim straight-leg jeans, the top struck the perfect balance, more dressed-up than a T-shirt but not as stuffy as a button-down shirt.

Ross’ Leather Pants

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One of the most iconic Friends episodes was the one where Ross wears a pair of tight leather pants on a date and, well, you know what happens after that. Though the leather pants were a source of comedy for the slightly awkward 20-something, it was a definite ‘90s trend that others wore on the regular throughout the decade.

Ross’ V-Neck Sweaters

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Ross loved a ‘90s look that showed off his arms and chest. So, he wore thin-knit sweaters with a slight V-neck with everything from khakis to suit pants, sweats to jeans.

Chandler’s Jeans & T-Shirt Look

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Though it continues to be considered a go-to look today, Chandler certainly loved the ‘90s favorite of a classic white T-shirt tucked into a pair of “dad” jeans.

Ross’ Graphic Tee

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Graphic tees were a huge ‘90s trend that even Ross got into, even if his most iconic one was his vintage “Frankie Says Relax” top that didn’t quite fit him anymore.

Joey’s Button-Down Shirts & Activewear Bottoms

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You can’t talk about Joey’s best looks without acknowledging the time that he put on all of Chandler’s clothing. Though it’s not a look he would exactly wear out in public, it puts on display every single ‘90s plaid button-down and pair of athletic shorts and joggers you can imagine.

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