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The ‘90s Trends Rachel Wore Like A Pro On Friends

From overalls to slip dresses and everything in between.

Rachel Green’s top ‘90s looks from 'Friends' — overalls, slip dresses, chokers, and more — are just ...
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Rachel Green’s hair on Friends was the epitome of ‘90s style, with fans clambering for the short layered and angled look that framed Jennifer Aniston’s face just-so. But, with an on-screen career in fashion, it was Aniston’s character’s wardrobe that presented an army of trends that defined the decade. And Rachel Green’s ‘90s outfits are just as popular today.

Rachel’s wardrobe was made up of all the ‘90s essentials: there were the overalls, the short plaid kilts, the slip dresses, and choker necklaces alike. She embraced cool-girl style with a sophisticated edge, embracing grunge in a way that still felt feminine and even romantic. For dressier occasions, she was known to embrace the mini dress — a popular style of the era — in bright colors like red or classic tones like black.

There were dozens of tees layered under slip dresses, cardigans paired with plaid pants, mom jeans, and — of course — a plethora of chokers. Be it date night, heading to the office, or hanging out with her five other besties, Rachel Green’s outfits still remain among the best on television.

Ahead, find Rachel Green’s top ‘90s looks from Friends. You’re going to want to copy them all ASAP.


Rachel Green’s Overalls

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Though polarizing and often controversial, overalls were a mainstay of the ‘90s. With long or short silhouettes, this borrowed-from-the-boys look could be layered over baby tees for a more feminine appeal or underneath an equally grungy plaid button-down shirt.


Rachel Green’s Slip Dresses

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For day or night, slip dresses were a huge ‘90s trend. And it was, arguably, Rachel’s most frequently worn trend on the show, in various colors, prints, and even lengths.


Rachel Green’s Denim Vests

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The ‘90s were all about denim, and Rachel wore it with ease. A trend that’s only just coming back from decades ago, however, is the denim vest, which the on-screen character donned on the regular.


Rachel Green’s Kilts

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The preppy schoolgirl mainstay was worn by women of all ages throughout the decade. Rachel often chose to style it with a baby tee or cardigan, knee-high socks, and loafers to really lean into the original version of the trend.


Rachel Green’s Chokers

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Be it a stretchy piece of plastic or an 18K gold chain, chokers at all price points became more popular than ever throughout the ‘90s. Though all the girls of Friends wore the jewelry trend, Rachel rocked it nearly exclusively.


Rachel Green’s Mom Jeans

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The denim silhouette of choice throughout the decade was certainly mom jeans, which Rachel wore from season to season. Be they styled with a cropped white T-shirt or oversized knit, they always looked impossibly chic on her.


Rachel Green’s Little Red Dress

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There’s nothing that screams date night quite like a little red dress and Rachel wore them like a pro. It was, of course, a variation on the classic slip dress, but packed a slightly harder punch.


Rachel Green’s Layered Tops & Dresses

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Not only did Rachel have a plethora of tight tees and slip dresses, but she layered them on top of one another regularly, showing off the styling trend of the ‘90s that won’t let up.


Rachel Green’s Grunge Outfits

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One of the biggest trends of the ‘90s was grunge and few outfits showed off the look quite like the time that Rachel wore baggy plaid pants with a tight tank and open cropped cardigan.


Rachel Green’s Sporty Outfits

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Sure, Rachel might not have been the most sporty of the group, but she certainly dressed the part when necessary. During a Thanksgiving football game among the group, she proved it with a vintage boxing tee, black joggers, and a backwards baseball cap.