15 Easy-To-Use Glitter Hair Sprays For Shimmery Strands

Shine bright as 2022 comes to an end.

Sophie Turner at the 2019 Met Gala with glitter hair. Here are the best glitter hair sprays for recr...
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New Year’s Eve is exciting for many reasons. There’s nothing like a brand new year and fresh start to lift those spirits (especially if 2022 was a rough one) — but avid beauty lovers love this time of the year because it’s a chance to go all out on makeup and hair. An easy way to add a little — or a lot — of sparkle is to use a glitter hair spray.

Glitter can tend to be one of those things that are a good idea in the short term, but make you want to reconsider all your life choices in the long term; cleaning up glitter days after the fact is never fun — especially in your hair. But no longer is that the case. Thanks to updated formulations, you can pack on all the glitter your heart desires with no worry about it lingering for days on end. Plus, there are so many hair sprays with glitter that come with added benefits (such as nourishing hair care ingredients, heat protectant properties, and long-lasting hold) that today’s glitter hair sprays double as the ultimate stylers. Even better? Some can even be used on your body, too.

If you’re looking to add some shimmer to your strands before the year ends, below are 15 glitter hair sprays that you can spritz on for New Year’s Eve...or anytime you want some extra shine.


This spray gives your hair (and body) a cool silver shimmer. It also contains nourishing argan oil and plant proteins to nourish and is completely safe to use on color-treated hair.


For glitter without all the sticky buildup, turn to this spray. It evenly distributes shimmer throughout and is packed with antioxidants to keep hair strong and shiny. As an added bonus, it has a lovely sweet scent of fruit and florals.


On top of giving your hair a super pretty rose gold shimmer, this spray also detangles, protects from excessive heat from hot tools, and smooths any flyways. Basically, it’s the ultimate styling spray for your NYE soirées.


If you’re worried that the glitter will linger longer than a bad hangover, this is the spray for you. The pretty silver glitter has long-staying power, but can easily be washed out once you wet your hair. And the price? It’s unbeatable.


This spray offers a subtle gold shimmer that gives your hair a nice, shimmery glow. It’s also travel-sized, so you throw it into your clutch for touch-ups .


Be warned: This spray is a fabulous and bold glitter bomb that will light up your locks in one spritz. The best part? It easily washes out.


Glitter doesn’t have to be gold or silver. For something more unexpected, this blue shimmer is stunning on any hair color. It’s also lightweight and spreads evenly.


This spray is the answer if you’re searching for a product with strong hold that also happens to add some shimmer. This medium-hold hairspray will lock your NYE hairstyle in place while coating strands in an even layer of glitter.


For sparkle that really stands out, this glitter spray is more bold. Even with its thick formula, it easily washes out and won’t damage strands.


This iridescent shimmer is subtle and gives hair a nice halo effect. As an added bonus, it’s a great vegan option.


This glitter hair spray has a lovely sweet scent and also works as a body shimmer spray so you can just shine all over.


This is the ultimate multitasker. Not only does it make for a great glitter hair spray, it can also add some sparkle to makeup and your skin.


This glitter spray is extremely sparkly — in the best way possible. Reach for this if you want a silver holographic glitter explosion for a bold hairstyle.


This glitter hair spray boasts 50 percent more shimmer than others you might find out in the market while also being easy to remove. With buildable coverage that is visible against even the darkest hair color, this is the perfect way to finish off your NYE hairstyle.


For a real metallic shine, this hair spray turns strands into an intense cool silver. Don’t be fooled by how much color is packed on. It is easy to wash off so you can go back to your normal hair shade (or play around with other finishes and colors).