Glitter Eyebrows Are The Y2K-Style Makeup Trend Going Viral On TikTok

Here’s how to nail the dazzling look.

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Your guide to the very Y2K glitter eyebrow trend.
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For bold makeup looks, you’ve got plenty of options. A red lip is a forever classic, metallic eyeshadow always stuns, and graphic eyeliner can serve as a major head-turner. But if you’re looking for another way to up the beauty ante and add some oomph to your glam, then look no further than glitter eyebrows.

This makeup trend is just what the name suggests: laminated brows that twinkle with the help of glitter flecks. Credit it, perhaps, to Y2K fandom and the resurgence of party girl beauty, but glitter brows — or disco brows, as they’re also aptly called — have arrived with a celebratory bang. In fact, the models at the Peter Do runway show rocked glitter brows during New York Fashion Week. Over on BeautyTok, the hashtag #glitterbrows has over 4.1M views and countless videos showcasing the lewk. To help you get in on the dazzling trend, Bustle called on makeup artist Hayley Kassel for an easy-to-follow path to runway-worthy glitter brows.

Whether looking ahead to those holiday parties or a weekend girls’ night, there are multiple ways to rock disco brows. Kassel says you can go with barely-there iridescent specks that only shows itself when the light hits it just right — or completely cover your arches with boldly hued sparkles. “If the Euphoria craze has taught us anything, it’s to start having fun with your makeup and not to be afraid of trying new looks out,” says Kassel. Fair point. Keep scrolling for intel on how to nail glitter eyebrows.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

1. Brush Gel Through Your Brows

The first step is to prime your eyebrows and prep them for the glitter. “Brush whatever primer or brow gel you are using thoroughly through your brows, coating each hair and giving your eyebrow the fluffy shape that you want,” Kassel explains. This will allow them to have a better grip on the glitter.

2. Pat Glitter Into Your Brows

Immediately after you apply the brow gel, use your finger or a brush to pat loose glitter into your brows. To avoid getting glitter everywhere, Kassel says to hold a tissue right underneath your brow while you apply to catch any fallout. “Add as much glitter [as needed] to your brows until you achieve the look you desire.” If you don’t have loose glitter on hand, Kassel says sticky, semi-wet glitter will do the trick, too. Done and done.

3. Try A Glittery Brow Gel

Another option? Simply grab a brow gel that’s already glittery to swipe into your arches. Brands like About-Face and Haus Laboratories make achieving the trendy look a cinch.


Hayley Kassel, Los Angeles-based makeup artist and photographer

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