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Haley Lu Richardson Dressed Just Like Her White Lotus Character Portia

She is Portia, Portia is her.

haley lu richardson wears a patchwork slip dress with a choker on the red carpet
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Haley Lu Richardson is in on the joke. The White Lotus actor posted to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday night confirming: She knows Portia’s style is chaotic.

The actor joined Netflix’s powerhouse cast in Season 2, serving up iconic fashion moments straight out of the 2000s in every single episode. Richardson’s character Portia quickly became known across the internet for her controversial fashion choices (and controversial life choices). After each episode, fans were left debating whether her kitchy, Gen-Z style is fabulous or horrible — or a combination of the two.

Off screen, however, Richardson’s personal style isn’t too far from her White Lotus persona. On Instagram, she documented a whimsical ‘fit that would make Portia proud. She donned army green cargo pants that sat just below her belly button, held up with a black canvas belt. A staple of early aughts fashion, her grommet-studded belt is super practical. TBH, I’m not mad that she brought it back.

Richardson paired the low-rise pants with a cropped, baby tee emblazoned with “University New York Soccer” and topped off the look with a chevron, crochet bucket hat, her short hair styled in itty bitty pigtails. The look feels 2022 going on 2003.

Acknowledging the similarities between her on and off-screen aesthetics, Richardson captioned the photo: “With a heavy heart I can confirm I dress identical to Portia in real life.” Clearly, she’s seen Twitter feuding over Portia’s outfits.

I can’t help but notice the similarities between Richardson’s ensemble and one of Portia’s earliest looks of the season — and arguably one of her most Portia outfits. The green pants, the knit hat, the vintage-y crop top? The inspiration is undeniable.