10 Beauty Moments From Heathers That Are Peak '80s

Featuring red scrunchies, monocles, and boyband hair.

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Before Sex And The City, Coyote Ugly, and even Mean Girls, there was Heathers. The 1988 cult classic comedy-drama film was an irreverent take on high school politics, but — besides the entertainment factor — its many beauty moments are an important part of its enduring allure.

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Heather Duke’s Deep Side Part

As one of the movie's titular Heathers, Shannen Doherty’s hair throughout the film is peak glorious ‘80s volume. The real lesson from Duke, however, is that the side part will always be in vogue.

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Veronica Sawyer’s ‘80s Perm

There are few things as evocative of the ‘80s as the perm. In Heathers, Winona Ryder’s character sports the trend with curled bangs during a gas station jaunt.


Duke’s Brown Lipstick

As Heather Duke becomes the Heather, she becomes bolder with her beauty and fashion choices. Case in point: This ahead-of-its-time brown lip color.


Heather Chandler’s Red Scrunchie

If there is one defining beauty look in the movie, it’s the red scrunchie — a symbol of power that starts with Chandler before making its way down to Veronica. The accessory is also back with a vengeance, so take note.


Veronica’s Lustrous Red Lip

In this scene, Sawyer’s statement lip proves that you only need one bold red hue to complete any look.

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JD’s Heartthrob Hair

Christian Slater’s character first appears on screen with a heartthrob haircut that positions him as the movie’s dreamy bad boy crush... until he reveals himself to be an actual bad person later in the film.


Heather McNamara’s Wispy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are back in vogue, which is another great argument for rewatching the movie for McNamara’s serious hair-spo.


Heather’s Monochrome Power Look

The movie’s iconic cherry red makes another appearance with Doherty’s character when she sports a low ponytail accentuated with a scrunchie. She takes things up a notch by matching it with her lipstick and outfit.


Veronica’s Claw Clip

Ryder’s character makes one unexpected beauty choice by wearing a claw clip in her hair (another retro trend that’s made a resurgence) with a monocle. This look begs the question: Why did the monocle slip through the cracks of nostalgia?


JD’s Single Piercing

Another immediate indicator of his bad boy dreaminess was JD’s single hoop earring. Its mismatched nature only added to his intrigue.