The 10 Essentials I Packed For A Socially Distant Road Trip

From face masks to comfy jeans.

No exaggeration, one of the things that brings me the most joy in life is traveling. I love exploring different places, learning about new cultures, meeting new people, and experiencing a change of scenery. So, when quarantine began to lift in the tri-state area, I immediately started trying to figure out how to travel safely during Covid 19 outbreaks.

Though I fully plan to hop on a plane soon, for my first quarantine getaway, I decided to plan a road trip. Since I desperately missed the beach, I chose a destination near the water: Montauk. It's great for socially distanced walks along the sand, outdoor dining, and even sailing which is a pastime of mine.

I rarely drive in NYC so BMW lent a special car for my trip, the BMW 840i xDrive Coupe. Besides the beautiful red color, it has plush seats, cruise control, and lane assist which is perfect for a long drive.

Since I get cold easily, I made sure to pack my favorite $15 Old Navy jeans and to activate the heated seating to make the drive comfortable. And then I switched out of my ubiquitous summer flip flops into my New Balance sneakers for a safer drive. Those kicks combined with the Sports mode driving option and powerful engine made for such a fun ride.

All that was left was to pack essentials for a safe, socially-distanced trip, including plenty of face masks, sunglasses, and hand sanitizer to help combat the spread of coronavirus. I wore sunglasses and a face mask whenever I was in public and less than 6 feet away from others — and washed and sanitized my hands frequently.

And I did some research to choose the right place to stay. Gurney's Star Island Resort & Marina requires face masks in all common areas and there are hand sanitizing stations throughout, so I felt comfortable there.

Once I was confident I would be safe, I focused on the fun part: the fashion. I packed a playful straw hat to shield me from the sun, a pretty summer dress from Sleeper, and my go-to Telfar shopping bag and Away luggage to transport it all. It was so much fun that I can't wait to plan the next vacation.

Ahead, find everything I packed for my social distanced road trip.

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I'm so glad I was able to enjoy a socially distanced road trip this summer. Keep scrolling for everything I brought for a safe, relaxing getaway to Montauk.

Since I planned to spend most of the trip social distancing at a beach or at the park, I knew I'd need to bring bulky items like picnic blankets and towels. This suitcase is big enough to hold everything, and it has an interior compression system so you can fit several items comfortably inside. Plus, the gorgeous rose gold color is an added bonus.

I like to dress casually on vacation but for a fancy dinner at Showfish Restaurant, I decided to go for a more polished look. I love this dreamy Sleeper dress because of the romantic details — the puff sleeves and off-shoulder neckline — but also, it feels so comfortable that you'll forget you changed out of your pajamas.

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with sneakers during quarantine — and while we all wait with bated breath for the next New Balance x Staud launch — I'm wearing these NB trainers on repeat. They were super comfortable to drive in and combined with my car's powerful engine and Sport Mode gear, it made for a fun ride.

Lugging around a huge cosmetics bag full of makeup is not my activity of choice on vacation. This highlighter pen is so compact that it fits right in my handbag — and it makes my skin look super smooth and glowy.

I find it really helpful to pair my masks with chains. On the trip, I needed a mask to walk around the resort but not while driving. So, once I hopped inside the car, I was able to take my mask off and hang the chain around my neck so I knew exactly where it was.

When packing, I usually roll my clothes to fit in my carry-on luggage and put smaller items in a medium-sized bag to conserve space. My Telfar shopping bag was perfect to store my valuables, and when I arrived at my destination, it doubled as a purse and a beach tote. The instantly-recognizable logo also made it a great conversation piece.

I'm a big fan of incorporating jewelry into my outfits but I'm always nervous that my earrings and necklaces will break while I'm in transit. These earrings were perfect to throw in my handbag, and the neutral animal print goes with everything. What's more, they're from an amazing Black-owned brand.

I love lounging by water on vacation and this trip was no exception. At the Gurneys Resort, we were able to socially distance at the pool while wearing masks. For those moments, I grabbed this beautiful Jacquemus hat to shield my face from the sun. And I just love the cottage core vibes of that delicate black neck tie.

Another cozy staple for the car ride was these Old Navy jeans — seriously, they feel like leggings! I wore this pair and I activated heated seating in the car so I was able to stay warm during the drive. I wore them for the entire four-hour ride and they were super comfortable.

Glitter masks are festive enough that you won't mind wearing them — and these come with an opening for drinking so it's pretty much tailor-made for cocktails by the pool.

Even better, sales of the mask benefit Survivor Corps, an organization supporting research to find a cure and vaccine for COVID-19.