Everything You Need To Know About The "Jellyfish Haircut" Trend

It’s so cool.

Have you ever been so indecisive that you cannot for the life of you choose between going short or staying long with your hair? Now, with yet another TikTok fave hairstyle making the rounds, it looks like you don’t have to choose either or. Say hello to the “jellyfish haircut,” a ’do that gives you the best of both worlds.

Part bowl cut, part mullet, the jellyfish haircut looks exactly how the infamous sea creature is shaped. There are short strands that round out at the jawline up top and then a dramatic drop in long strands that go past your shoulders in the back. At first glance, it may look odd. But after a few takes, it definitely makes for one of the most uniquely bold styles out there.

With more than seven million views on the #jellyfishhaircut hashtag, it seems that many people are loving the hybrid cut. And if you’re questioning the jellyfish haircut’s versatility, the ways to style it are actually pretty endless. Need proof? Just take a look at Mari Trombley. Known as @sillyyerba on the platform, the TikTok creator tells Bustle that she was inspired by Yuna from the Final Fantasy video game series. Trombley regularly shows how you can wear the jellyfish cut in a ponytail, as a single braid, and in pigtails. You can even dye your hair a mix of super bold and fun colors to really spice it up.

2022 is proving to be the year of the bold ’do. From the Botticelli bob to the Bixie haircut, it seems like many are embracing fun, artistic inspirations and mixing of two classic styles to create something new. If you’re thinking about the jellyfish haircut, it helps to have long hair to begin with. If the look has caught your eye, add it to your hair mood board and finish the summer off strong.