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22 Years Ago, Jennifer Lopez Was Decades Ahead Of The Nipple-Baring Trend

The OG.

Jennifer Lopez wears a sheer gray dress with a gold skirt to attend the 73rd Annual Academy Awards i...
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Kendall Jenner and Florence Pugh are undoubtedly today’s reigning nipple-baring icons, often parading their chic — and powerful — fashion statements on the red carpet. But the daring style didn’t just crop up out of nowhere; it goes as far back as the early aughts. Some of the biggest stars rocked the look at the most glamorous of events — and none did it better than Jennifer Lopez.

Back in 2001, the Hustlers star attended the prestigious Academy Awards in a statement-making number that could easily make an appearance at a star-studded event today. Lopez’s voluminous dress featured a gilded metallic skirt cinched at the waist, with dramatic draping at the hips.

It was the upper half of her two-toned look, however, that turned heads. (Even back then, she knew how to make an entrance.) The “I’m Real” singer rocked a one-shoulder top, with a layer of twisted fabric that wrapped around her arm. The light gray chiffon fabric was completely sheer, fully exposing her breasts. Naturally, the fashion-forward Chanel Haute Couture ensemble was fresh off the label’s Spring 2001 Couture runway.

Lopez kept the rest of her look ultra-glam with chandelier earrings covered in diamonds and an equally-sparkly cuff bracelet. Meanwhile, she styled her hair in a sleek updo and swiped on a layer of high-shine lipgloss.

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David LEFRANC/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images
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The entire look — including its exclusive runway origins and risk factor — is even more impressive considering Lopez made her Hollywood debut just a few years prior.

She was propelled into the zeitgeist in 1997 after starring in the biopic Selena, and only released her own music in 1999. By 2001, she was decked in one of the most exclusive fashion houses of all time and stylishly flouting Oscars-dressing conventions. Don’t get it twisted, J.Lo has always been a style icon.