JoJo Siwa's New Pixie Haircut Is Summer Style Goals

It’s the end of an era.

JoJo Siwa debuted a short pixie haircut, marking the end of her long hair & hair bow 'Dance Moms' er...
JC Olivera/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jojo Siwa, who got her start at a young age on the cult-fave reality television show, Dance Moms, is no stranger to making headlines ... and this time, it seems everyone is talking about her newly chopped hair.

Just two days ago, Siwa teased the major change with a short video clip of her hairstylist going in for the chop near the nape of her neck — and in a shocking new Instagram post just a day later, she finally debuted the results. Pictured wide-eyed and smiling brightly, she captioned the image with the simple, drawn out word: “HAPPPPPY” — and if you’ve ever had a significant outward change that makes you feel like your most authentic, innermost self, you totally understand that honest and freeing sentiment.

Expertly tousled and youthfully carefree, Siwa’s sweet new ‘do is the latest example of a playful pixie haircut, with stars like Zoë Kravitz, Halle Berry, and even the timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn leaving their mark on the eye-catching trend. Known formally as an undercut, her soft honey-hued hair is shaved shorter on the sides, with longer strands at her head’s crown, perfectly framing her radiant complexion (which happens to be colorfully freckled with rainbow light leaks).

Known for her ultra-high, sleek ponytails wrapped in a massive (often blinged-out) hair bow, Siwa has recently strayed from her iconic look, more frequently letting her long, blonde waves hang freely down her back, and even making stunning red carpet appearances in glamorous gowns.

The star is growing beautifully before the world’s eyes, as not too long ago, she celebrated a full year since coming out as gay — and with her new pixie look, it seems she is one step closer to sharing her most unapologetic, carefree self.